The Holy Scriptures of the Porcelain God

This work, a book in the making is my pride and joy, something begun last April, an ongoing work, written...well, sort of like the Bible with little essays, random rants, and fiction thrown in. It's my principle work of theology/philosophy. I think I will post excerpts, short stories mostly (I won't bore you with the never-ending essays on life), here, just to get some feedback.

This one I wrote some time ago, but it remains one of my favorites, though it is simple, it holds a point if one cares to see it.


::Satan's Gift::

For he so loved the world that he condemned himself to eternal damnation. He let not another take the place of suffering - the world's greatest evil - for it was he who made the decision to save the race. He allowed himself to fall from the graces of the good Creator, who, in his blind naivete, allowed the world to fall into ruin.

Yet, mankind, whom he so loved, turned from him, and against him. Spatting the words 'cursed,' 'evil,' 'Devil,' and 'serpent.' But what, indeed, had the serpent ever done to receive such scorn? For it, like all things, was simply another vital being of the earth; of life. So, as it were, both the savior and serpent were shunned in one near-fatal blow when neither had done wrong, unless it be in the eyes of the foolish one.

The race worshiped the one who gave them the means to destroy the earth - and themselves; hated the one who desired nought but to turn them onto a path away from the Creator's mistakes.

As they follow, they fall, far from grace.

For he so loved the world that he gave of himself to a worthless, thankless cause.

For he so loved the world...