Mon Dieu!

Send me far,

give your cry for help

perhaps I will come.

You can leave me

and ignore my gift.

Return it to the witless.

Let those without a brain

ponder it's being,

as well as mine.

We search for an answer

that I once destroyed

that I once became,

I once hid,

and ruled from the clouds.

I plundered.

I spoiled.

I turned away.

Do you still seek me?

31 January 2005

Definately not my best example of HSPG, but it will have to do; I have been lacking in postings. Forgive me that the entire collection is handwritten and I do not much care to get it all typed, eventually it will be done...

In response:

r.p : Whoever you are, I sure hope that someday you will come back and review....

A.N.Schindlepipe: You are quite forgiven ) Re-reading your review is what made me want to get back in gear and get things typed up (I have started, more stories will come soon).

Flyingstarofdoom2: I think you may be one of my favorite reviewers ever. I thank you kindly for being one of those seemingly rare people who read a work and appreciate it for what it is even if you don't agree with what it says.

Thank you all, and may you continue to read and review!