By:: Grace Maxwell

Not all faeries

Are bright and white

Not all faeries

Pretend to be pure

Some show their colors

Dark and true

Not all faeries

Play in the sun

Some stay hidden

Till night arrives

You ask the child

Smiling over here

What do you see

and they'll reply

FAERIES dressed

in both gold and white

But did you bother

To ask the child over there

They would have replied

There are faeries here

who wait in the shadows

Only to mask their tears

Remember when looking around

Not all faeries are pure

they all wear masks

to hide their fears and flaws

But the faeries over there

Only hide their tears

Remember to ask

the child over there

Who sees more clearly

than the brazen child here

Remember to watch

the mask all faeries wear

To hide their fears and flaws

While some hide their tears...