More To Live For

Is love something you can fake?
I don't think it is.
Coz when you're in love all you want to do is give.
I've never been in love, up until now.
Boy does it feel good but also makes me wana freak out.
I know I love him and that's all true, but when I say I love you
it feels somewhat new.
I guess I just have to deal but I know everything's gonna be all right.
Coz every time he says I love you it makes everything feel so right.
I'm so glad I met him, coz I don't know where I'd be.
He's helped me so much just like my other best friend.
Could never live with out them and that's more than true,
coz they love me and I love them too.
My life's been a mess for a really long time and I can remember countless
times when I've wanted to end it, but, I thought of these two people
and knew I couldn't bear to leave them.
So I remembered happier times when they helped me through and realised
I have more to live for then saying goodbye and fuck you!!!

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