You say that I'm cheeky, that I don't have manners.
But where the fuck were you, when I needed to be told.
Ahh yes, you were out in your car, doing god knows what.
Messing with them dirty fucking dogs.
You taught me how to curse how to give cheek.
How to be fucking sarcastic everyday of the week.
You say I'm lazy and good for nothing.
But take a look in the mirror and maybe you'll see something,
A mirror image of me.
You were always ready to beat some sense into us, be it your fists or a
Good old trusted belt.
Ready to slap and hit until we were red raw and we could scream no more.
Until mum dragged you away screaming for you to leave her babies alone.
As we say goodnight we pray you'll be in a good mood tomorrow
To allow the bruises time to heal, just a little.
So… you wonder why the fuck I hate you dad.
Why I look at you in disgust, why the fuck I'm so cheeky and never shut up.
Remember the days when all you did was shout and then,
Come back to me and ask for forgiveness, and maybe, just maybe, I will.
Then I might respect you the way a daughter should.

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