Chapter 5

Sabriel sighed as she sat on the roof of her next victim, a.k.a the Museum. She had on black tennis shoes, tight (not to mention uncomfortable) black pants, and a tight (once again; uncomfortable) black, long sleeved shirt. Her hair was up in a pony tail because she could make a fatal error if it got in the way. She was walking back and forth talking to Stephanie on her cell phone. What? There was good reception, okay?

"So… tonight's the big night, huh," Stephanie asked. Sabriel sighed.

"Yeah, I can't wait to get this over with."

"You still nervous? You'd think that by now you'd be over it."

"Would you shut up? I'm about to scale down the side of the frickin' building! Everyone, who's anyone, know for a fact that I am deathly afraid of heights!!!"

"Shut it, you wimp. You're just mad 'cause you didn't get to see the love of your life today!" Sabriel blushed at that. She hadn't gone anywhere today so she could prepare for tonight.

"Well-….. You wanna come do this for me?! 'Cause I'd be more than willing to switch places with you!"

"Only so you'd get a chance to see him!"


"Ooo, nice come-back!" Sabriel was getting aggravated and hung up the phone before her friend could finish making fun of her. She took in a deep breath and looked up at the sky, praying to any god that would hear her. She looked down at her watch. 9:40 pm it read in bright green letters. Sabriel sighed again. 'I'd better get going.'

Elric quickly drove from the police station to the museum. The wheels of his onyx Corvette squealing as he rounded corners. Lundstrum had just called him; someone really was trying to take the Sagasu No Tama. He parked his car at the bottom steps and ran up the stairs to the front doors. Other police cars were strewn about the street, lights blinking and sirens singing. He threw open the doors with one hand and secured his gun with the other. Since it was past opening hours and the janitors had left, the elevators were inaccessible. 'Dang it! Now I have to take the stairs. The Sagasu is on the fourth floor!' he thought angrily as he sprinted to the stair case.

Sabriel was dangling off the side of the building gripping the rope for dear life. 'Why do they always set me up with stuff like this,' she thought gravely, 'They know I'm afraid of heights.' She let out a sigh then continued down the eight-story architecture. When she reached the fourth floor she let out a sigh of relief.

Elric stood on the landing of the second floor, exhausted. 'These stairs are so steep! I haven't worked this hard since the academy!' He bent over and rested his hands on his knees. He was breathing deeply as he tried to stand straight. 'I need a new job,' he mused sourly as he started to sprint up the stairs again.

Sabriel jumped through the now open window, careful not to trip any alarms. Her eyes darted warily around the room until she found her goal. The Sagasu No Tama was near the other side of the room in a glass case surrounded by velvet barrier ropes. She sighed again for the fifth time (yes, five! I counted…. don't ask). 'Why did they always put the expensive stuff farthest away from the windows? That only makes it harder for us thieves. Stupid security guards and their knowing ways,' she thought dryly.

Elric finally reached the fourth floor gasping for breath; he was practically crawling on the ground. 'I'm never taking the stairs again!' he silently proclaimed. He looked up and saw a water fountain, taking advantage of it immediately. He gulped the succulent liquid to his sore throat's content. Water drenched the front of his shirt and his face was covered with it, as well. He pulled the bottom of his shirt up and wiped the water away with the hem of his T-shirt.

Sabriel slowly pulled latex gloves over her petite hands then pulled an exacto-knife from her backpack. She knew that there was an alarm within the circumference of plexi-glass, so she cut slowly and with care, preparing for the moment when she would have to make a run for it. She carefully worked the small circle she'd cut away from the display and set it neatly on the ground beside her feet. She slowly slid a gloved hand through the man-made hole and grabbed the jewel.

The Sagasu No Tama was small, about the size of her fist, and bright, bloody red like a ruby. It was a perfect sphere and just barely fit through the hole in the display glass. As soon as she picked up the treasure, red lights began to flash and the obnoxious howling of alarms flocked her senses.

Elric sighed in relief; the exhibit was just a few turns away. A sudden burst of adrenaline sent him, once again, sprinting down the hallway. Red lights started flashing and loud alarms that made him think of air raid sirens started screaming at him. The thief had already taken the Sagasu. 'Great,' he thought as he strained to run faster.

Sabriel quickly jabbed the jewel in her bag lying on the ground beside her and pulled out a skirt and overcoat. She pulled on the skirt and the overly tight pants looked similar to hose. She yanked on the long swayed leather coat and buttoned it up. She quickly grabbed her backpack and slung it over her shoulder as she ran for the door and out of the exhibit. She sprinted down the corridors. Just as she turned a corner she felt herself slam into something. The force of the collision made her stumble backwards and she fell with a thud on her butt. She looked up and saw something that lifted her spirits, yet brought them crashing down at the same.

Elric stood bewildered for a moment. As he turned the corner, he'd run into to something. Actually, it crashed full force into his chest, which still stung a little, and fell to the ground. He looked down and saw a small woman with brown hair that masked her facial features, a brown leather coat and a pleaded skirt, and black hose with matching shoes. He just stared at her for a moment. She brushed her hair out of her eyes and Elric recognized her immediately. 'What's Sabriel doing he—" His thoughts were interrupted by a sudden jolt of pain in the back of his head and his meeting with the tiled ground.