Sitting on a curb, watching purple skies fly over me past the mountainside as the darkness slowly roared on. Leaning on a building for support. Cold rain slowly starts to pour down.

Me sitting on the curb, reflecting on how life has come and gone, seconds pass, seconds turn into minutes. Minutes pass, the minutes turn into hours. The hours pass, the hours turn into years. All that time passes, people think but don't speak, speak but don't think. Some act but don't do, some do but don't act.

Life doesn't seem to be fair at all. On how people just shrug it off, "I'll do it tomorrow" attitude, but what if you never see tomorrow? What if someone were to gun you down right now and you wouldn't ever see the light of day again? What if you went blind, and if you didn't get to see your friends and family again?

What if you got in an accident and lost a limb? Broke a bone? Then you couldn't do much. Live like you were dying.

Do the unexpected. Live on the wild side, act as if this were the last day you could live.