The First of the Salem Witch Trials

The lady of the flame, Sarah Fire, sat before her hearth staring into the burning wood. Her hair was as red as the flame itself. Her eyes, red like flickering flames. She appeared to be in a sort of trance. Any one who knew about magick would know that she was scrying.

That's when the door burst open, snapping her out of her trance. The people of her village came in with spelled ropes, binding her and her magick. They pulled her out in front of the huge crowd around her house.


They dragged her to the center of the town where a stake stood on a platform. They tied her to the stake and lit the wood around her feet.

As the fire began to burn her, she spoke, loud enough for all to hear,

"Fire, burn bright and pure

Protect guide and seek

The one whose powers, strong as the first, endure

And within her blood, pulses your very heat."

The townspeople were very afraid. They burned the witch's house to get rid of all traces of her evil.

One woman left during the burning of the Fire Witch. When she got home she found a baby on the veranda. She picked it up and took it inside.

This woman saw the child's fiery red eyes and knew she was the witch's daughter. It's just a child though, she thought. The rest of the town must not know about this child. They'll kill it.

The woman went in search of a witch that could cloak the girl's real eye color. When all was said and done, the child looked like a normal baby.

The woman took the child in as her own, claiming she found the child beside a road one day. And in this way, the Fire line continued, protected from the witch trials because the magick within them was unknown due to the witch's spell. For it continued through the line, until the day a young girl was born with the same fiery red eyes.