Chapter 24: Samhain

Jeshycka awoke, feeling slightly drained. She saw Leo sitting nearby. The rest of the coven sat around, waiting anxiously.

"Why aren't you guys doing the circle?" Jeshycka asked.

"Because," Leo said. "We were waiting for you. There's no reason for us to officially be coven students unless we have everyone that is supposed to be with us."

Jeshycka smiled and sat up.

"The let's begin," she said.

An hour later, all twelve members of the coven were official students. Jeshycka was wrapped in leo's arms, recounting the tale of what happened after she left band practice earlier that day.

"So, that's where you were when I tried to call you," Leo said.

"Yeah," Jeshycka said. "I would have been there if I could. You know that."

"So do we have to expect more attacks like this?" Candace, Destyny's sister asked.

"I believe so," Lyla said. "We have some very rare breeds of witches here. There is no way we will stay off the King's radar."

"Maybe," Jeshycka said. "Along with our own Books of Shadows, we can keep a coven one, dedicated to identifying demons and spells to kill them. My mom has an old family B.O.S. I'm sure she'll tell us about demons and such to put in there."

"That's a great idea," Lyla said. "I've heard of demons coming back after being vanquished before. That way we would always have the spells on hand. We could even come up with potions and stuff that we could put in there."

"Oh," Jeshycka said. "Ravyn, I have something for you."

She held out her hand, a wrapped box appearing into it. She had spelled the box to come to her with the right word spoken, Ravyn's name.

"Happy Birthday," she said.

Ravyn unwrapped the box and opened it up. Inside sat a silver pentacle necklace, with a sparkling gem in the middle.

"Thank you," Ravyn said. "It's beautiful."

She took it out and put it on. The silver caught some light and flashed brightly.

"Okay everyone," Lyla said. "Go home and get some sleep. We'll see you all next week

The End