It's memories that make us who we are, really. Recalling memories is what broadens our minds and makes us see who we are. How we reacted to things back in our past shapes the way we react to things in the future. Humans are always trying to run from the past, but it's the past that's you. The present is a manisfestation of what's to be the past, the future is what we wish to make of it, why? Because a good present means a pleasant past. A bright future means something to look back upon when your old and watching your grandchild play with his new puppy. In the end, all we work towards is for the past, isn't it? All we strive for is so that one day, we can look back upon it in happy memory. A regrettable past makes for a regrettable future. And it's not life that does this. One cannot control life. What one CAN control is how one reacts to life. And this is what makes a memory pleasant or not. Perhaps one made a decision that was hard to make, but was right. At the time, it wouldn't be pleasant. But reflecting upon it is when you feel a spark of pride, that you were able to do it.

It's also the past that we pass on to our children. Our future IS them. What our responsibility is is to make a past that they can take example from, memories they can refocus into their own lives and lessons that can shape a brighter future, to make for an eventual brighter past.

Life is what you make of it. If life deals you a blow, it's your decision whether to fret and whine about it as it gets steadily worse, or to fix it, heal it, and move on. I suppose one can compare life to a block of material, stone, or wood. It's given to us at birth and for the rest of our existence we try to shape it, mold it, to what we want it to be. Some of us give up halfway through and let it slowly ruin itself. Some work so hard at it, and have such a perfect image in their mind of it, that they grind it into nothing. This material, of life, is also unstable. It can crumble apart or mess up with no warning. That's when true human potential comes out, when one makes a decision when this happen, to just let it fall apart, or to try and fix it. That is when we reach our potential.

What my goal is? Hmmm. I wish to shape my block into a work of quiet beauty, delicate but strong. When I was younger I studied my material I had to work with, but didn't do much with it. These past few years I've tried, but it has crumbled so much that I just ended up staring at it in despair and eventually smashing it apart.

But it's time to start anew. Slowly I'll take the pieces and begin working them together again. I'll weave in magic and poetry, lyrics and song, beauty and sorrow, because through sorrow comes strength. I'll be gentle but firm, and hopefully the statuette I end up with is something I can be proud of, and will always take care of. Because even if we do reach an ideal with our material, the material of life is delicate, and requires constant care. But if we cherish life, and truly wish for it to be beautiful, and truly want it to be something we can look on and thank God for, then I do believe there is hope for the human race yet.