Welcome to the Blood Trails...

A simple collection of poetry dealing with the drinkers of blood.

This is one of my favorites...if you're more interested in the whole death/blood/killing part of vampires check out later entries, I have plenty of these too.


::The Immortal and the Child::

Golden haired child, where art thou?

Have I lost thee again?

That soft, pale skin, and those dazzling sapphire eyes...

Holding you, loving you, wanting you.

Oh, lonely child, have you passed on again?

No, that cannot be your sweet form lying in the snow.

Must I always arrive too late?

I, the damned Drinker of Blood, forced to an eternal soulless existence,

And you, the innocent child, cursed always to die young.

We shall never save each other.

Damn this so-called righteous god of ours. Damn him!

Cry, cry, in this overwhelming grief.

Why can I not die with you?

I'm trapped, and I'm lost forever.

Fall on my knees and bury my head in the snow.

How many centuries must pass this time

Before you are born again?


Maybe not the best work...but I love it. Review please!