This Blessed Life

Dreams of a broken mind
Quite literally spilled
All over the cracked asphalt,
Crushed chest with a still
Heart ripe for the taking–

If you could be mine I would
Beg to weep at your side
On knees already scraped
And bleeding in empathetic
Bindings of my own will,

But I do love this too much:
The feel of bones breaking
In my hands as the warmth
Of your life's blood
Seeps so slowly past my lips;

This blissful agony of taking
A child's breath from her
Filthy and savaged body;
Bringing her into myself
After all pain has passed.

It calls, it holds, it brings
Me so close to everything
That I ever cherished in
This sweet drink of death
After my teeth tear you apart.

And this is all I ever truly
Wanted, all that I ever
Truly hated, despised, and
Worshiped, in this second
Chance at 'life' with

The bliss of immortality
And the gift of a loving
Embrace to tide me over
Until my next thirsting
Hunt for a willing victim.

25 June 2005