My Shadow

I am my shadow
My shadow is me
When I run away
My shadow too flees

When I stand and fight
My shadow has my back
He trains under my light
He knows my attacks

I turn out the light
In his darkness I train
He teaches me dark thoughts
Thoughts I must maintain

Our relationship is mutual
To live we need each other
We are the perfect team
My shadow is my brother

Without my light
His dark cannot exist
Without his darkness
I cannot hide in mist

Everyone has a shadow
We all have a dark side
However, in some people
The two worlds may collide

Some are their shadow
They hide their light in dark
Just look into their eyes
You will see the mark

It is the mark of hatred
It is the mark of evil
Their light sealed in shadow
They are their own devil

I still sometimes wonder
Does my dark hide in my light?
Does my shadow use my body
For purposes of blight?

Am I my shadow?
Or is my shadow me?
Am I consumed by evil?
Or is it light I see?