Unfurling her long tangled legs and running a finger through the mass of knotted brown silk hanging like a spider web about her head, Tanya tried to clear the previous night's fog from her mind. With the grace of a rock she attempted to free herself from the twisted sheets, plummeting with a thud onto the gleaming hardwood floor.

Her partner in befuddlement groaned from his prone position on the bed as the sheets were ripped away from him.

"Hmm… It's cold. Come back to bed," he grunted, his face still hidden in a drool covered pillow.

Tanya didn't answer, preoccupied in the singular quest of locating her jeans.

"Baby?" the semiconscious man called halfheartedly as she pulled her faded Levi's over her hips, drawing the zipper up smoothly.

"I'm not your baby," she muttered defensively, trying to make sense of her knotted curls.

The man let out a sound similar to a snort and rolled over, rubbing his eyes sleepily. The light fell directly on his face.

"Sure you are, baby. How about we have some breakfast?"

"Not interested," Tanya replied tersely, expertly removing the stains of smeared lipstick from her chin.

"I understand. Do you have work?"

"No. I want to leave."

"Well, can I have your number? We should get together sometime," he ventured, his voice hopeful but not confident.

Her hair successfully tamed, Tanya slipped on her second stiletto heel, grabbing her purse before making her exit.

"Wait! Aren't you going to give me your number? At least tell me your name!" The man cried, jumping out of bed after her, still completely naked.

She paused and surveyed him coldly. "Sorry mister, the sex wasn't that good."

As the escape of her red Toyota Camry grew nearer, Tanya's heel lodged smoothly within a crack in the sidewalk.

"Shit!" she whispered violently, brought to a sudden standstill.

She slipped her foot free and tugged at the shoe for a moment. It refused to give way. A slew of unpleasant vocabulary tumbled from her lips as she proceeded to put her entire energy into recovering the stiletto.

It came out with a snap, the narrow heel broken into two perfectly symmetrical halves.

"Wonderful. What a fucking morning."

More quietly, within the safe confines of her car, Tanya sighed. "What a fucking life."