Tiny stars were scattered across the blackness of the sky like little bits of glitter, decorating the emptiness of the night like you would a Valentine's day card. She came that day, her footsteps crunching in the snow while leaving undainty little footprints in the otherwise untouched white ground. He could hear her twinkling laughter from miles away, though they were only a few metres apart.

His hands stiff as they grasped the railing of the bridge, he drew in a shaky breath. The party was very loud, sexy music filling every corner of the building. 'Yes,' he thought to himself. 'That music is definitely trying to seduce everyone.'

He tried to pretend he couldn't hear or see her, even though her every movement and sound occupied his every thought. He could hear every single noise she made as she stumbled towards him, her rounded-toe high heels crunching as they made sweet little tracks in the snow. He tried to remember her name, but he couldn't. He kept his head turned as if she wasn't there.

He tried not to notice her little strapless dress, or her lively blond hair bobbing around her ears, strands of it falling in front of her piercing eyes. He let his eyes meet hers, but only for a breif moment. She had on false lashes that fluttered at him as she giggled and waved hello. Her lips were painted a shade of pink that resembled candy.

He wondered why she had left the party. She seemed like the type of girl who enjoyed attention.

Now she was only a metre away from him. Her hands were placed on her large hips as she stared at him silently. He turned towards her, trying to find the appropriate words. She ran a hand through her tousled short hair, letting a cheshire cat smile spread across her face when he continued to gawk at her splendor.

'Hello, Mr. Brown,'

She said airily, dropping her hand from her hair and letting it hang by her side. He opened his mouth to speak, but found that it was too dry to let any words out.

She took another staggering step towards him, a smile still on her face. It was then he realized she was drunk. He wondered why he hadn't noticed it before. Alchohol was written all over her body language. It explained why she was even talking to him.

'What are you doing here?'

The question was simple, but it was complicated. 'I'm-' he gulped, trying to find moisture in the desert inside his mouth. 'I'm just having a smoke.' He held up his smoking cigarette to prove it. He was really out because he couldn't stand crowds, let alone drunken young ladies out for no good.


It was just one word, but it hung in the air as she took two last staggering steps before falling in to him.

When she fell, he felt like he'd been drowned in a tidal wave of perfume and giggles. She wrapped her arms around his neck to steady herself, but she did not remove them as she straightened.


She giggled again.

'It seems I am quite the clumsy one.'

He let a polite smile twitch on to his mouth, 'Certainly not, Miss.' he replied. 'You are quite graceful.'

The candy-lipped woman let out a long laugh, wrapping her arms closer around his neck.

'Please, Mr. Brown, you flatter me.'

Her lashes fluttered hypnotically as her face neared his, her warm breath surrounding him. The candy-coloured lips were millimetres away from his mouth, when she suddenly let her arms slip from his neck.

They flailed about as she tried to stand straight once again, but her attempts were in vain. Her body tilted back towards the railing of the bridge, before finally tumbling and falling over.

She fell down like an angel crashing on earth, and she made a loud splash when she hit the surface of the water.

He blinked in surprise, his face still warm from her breath. He raised his cigarette to his lips and took a puff.

'My goodness,' he whispered.

'What a lovely shade of lipstick she had on.'