Follow from my eye the tearful path.
It's too common;
It runs an unforgettable path.
Down my cheek,
Down my chin,
Down my neck,
Off my body,
To splash upon the floor.

Follow from my eye the tearful path yet again.
Follow it again and again,
Over and over,
Only to land in an ever growing puddle of tears.

Now follow from my arm the crimson path.
In itself, it's still too common.
Down my arm,
To my elbow,
Under my elbow,
And off my wrist.

Crimson splashed onto the puddle of tears,
Making a strange pattern,
Running up,
Running down,
Running left and right.

Soons added by another drop of crimson blood.

Now my bloods dried up and my tears are too,
But look at what I've done to myself.
I'm sorry,
But it hurts.

And this is all I know how to do,
As you so say to me.