A dark and terrible night did bring,
Undeserved death to an innocent Man,
With a cross and three nails in hand,
They murdered the King of Kings.

For three whole days, He lay
In a tomb that was His grave.
The whole world He was going to save,
When He rose again on the third day.

He is still alive, today and now.
He sits in Heaven's throne,
Claiming us people as His own,
So that every knee will bow.


Kind funny, why this poem exists... although you don't care, I'm telling you anyway. We had to do a group project, write a poem about a Bible story and turn it into a song. My friend Phoebe is horrible at writing poems and they couldn't think of one for her group. So she took me to Taco Bell and bought me with tacos... and I wrote her poem for her. LAUGHS Sorta... wrong... but still... tacos.. mm...