A Single Star

Do you see me?
Looking at you
Do you hear me?
Breathing with you

Why can't you just feel me?
I've just always been right here
Why can't you just trust me?
It's you I need, that's why I'm here

It's you I love
Why can't you see
that there's no one else in my life
It's you I want
There's no one else

Can you feel me?
I put my arms around you
Are you wondering?
(Thinking) Who's this freak hugging you

Why can't you just tell me
that you've always trusted me?
Why can't you just kiss me
and just say that you love me?


I'm still here, waiting for you
Waiting for your hand
To pull me up
And pull me out of the darkness of distrust

Why can't you just say it?
If you want to, then leave
Just remember that I'll stay
I'll be waiting for another day