Examine this:

A black hair


A gorgeous black hair,

The source of feminine beauty.

Long strands of perfection,

Straight and well-formed,

Like the flat wings

Of a soaring bird,

Touched lightly by rays of shining sun:


An unwanted black hair,

Ripped off by a fluid or a patch

Or shaved in haste,

For a day in the sun,

Or a night on the town

Or a porn show at the club,

For all others to exploit:


A controversial black hair,

An expression, a trend,

Long, over two ears,

Shaggy and shady,

And shapeless and tasteless

And rebellious and dangerous,

And communistic and satanic:


A simple black hair,

A thread of dead cells,

Clumped as one to its dead relatives

To be deceivingly thick

And palpable,

Shaping who we think we are,

As we stare into the mirror.