Love in Ireland
Chapter 1: Love at first sight

Once upon a time in the green pastures in Blarney, Ireland, there lived a girl with her parents. The girls name was Ciara; she is 18, along with her best friend. Her best friend in the whole world had just moved in next door and her name was Méabh.
Ciara and Méabh, looked exactly alike except Clara's eyes were a tad more on the blue side then they were green. That was the only way you could tell the two girls apart were their eye colors. They both had red curly hair and freckles on their faces. Some times their own parents couldn't tell them apart. Every now and then the girls would stay at each other's houses to fool their parents and it would work too. Then they would return home giggling and their parents would later find out what they did.

There was a boy that Ciara liked a lot and went to her school and Méabh knew him well. For his name was Aenghus Eoin. Aenghus was perfect, he had brown hair and brown eyes, tall yet not too terribly tall, and he was such a gentlemen too. Méabh was talking to Aenghus on the phone while Ciara was waiting for Méabh to get off the phone. Méabh talked for a little while longer than told Aenghus that she had to go since she had company. And Aenghus understood completely he said his goodbyes and hung up.
Ciara wondered what it was going to be like to actually meet Aenghus in person. She always dreamed of the day when she would meet him. Ciara always imagined him standing against something with his brown hair flowing in the wind and when she approached him he'd just take her breath away. But she knew she was dreaming and Méabh had a plan so Aenghus would meet Ciara in person.

One sun shiny day Ciara was walking with Méabh in a park. You could taste the wondrous cooking smells wafting in from the north. The roast beef, the cabbages and of course the alcohol, but blended together they just make a wonderful smell.
"Méabh, where are we going?" Ciara said while walking behind Méabh blindfolded.
"You'll see, Patience is a virtue, Ciara."
"I know that, but why am I blindfolded?"

"You'll see."

Aenghus was waiting for Méabh leaning against a building and his brown hair was blowing in the breeze. Méabh had taken her left index finger and made a "Shhh" motion with it. Aenghus was silent until Méabh had taken the blindfold off of Clara's face and Ciara nearly fainted. Aenghus was standing there just like in her dreams. She couldn't believe it, Ciara just nearly stopped breathing.

Aenghus broke the silence.

"Hello, Méabh, and her friend or sister."

"Hello, Aenghus, this is my friend Ciara."

Ciara couldn't speak; she couldn't believe what she was seeing. She opened her mouth but no words came out.
"Hello Ciara, my name is Aenghus Eoin."
Finally she was able to say something.
"Hi, Aenghus."
"How are you, this fine day?"

"I'm good, yourself?"

"I'm excellent, and Méabh had run off so I guess it's just me and you then Ciara."

"I guess so."
Aenghus and Ciara held hands out the park and kept walking. They walked and talked for hours it seemed when it was only two hours. The sun started to set and they found out they had a lot in common. The sun started to set while they were walking to Ciara's house they got up to her door and Aenghus leaned in and kissed Ciara's cheek, and Ciara kissed his cheek in return.
"Good night, Ciara."

"Good night, Aenghus."

Ciara went inside and called Méabh and told her all about it. It was like a faerie tale come true for Ciara. Ciara was ecstatic that she met Aenghus and thought that they could become boyfriend and girlfriend, but that would come all in good time. Méabh was happy that she could do something for Ciara and Aenghus.
Tomorrow at school Ciara and Méabh sat with Aenghus during lunch. They talked all through lunch and during class changes. They all had become closer as friends. Méabh had asked if Aenghus could come off with her for a second so they could talk about something in private. Ciara said she'd wait for them later since she had to go to her next class.
"Do you like Ciara?"

"Do you like her, its clear that she likes you, do you like her back?"

"Yes I like her, why?"

"Well, there is a dance coming up in a few weeks, why don't you ask her to the dance?"

"Hmmm, Good idea but I'm positive she'd say no."

"No she won't, just ask her."

Aenghus was waiting for the two girls after school and took Ciara by the hand.

"Ciara, I have a question for you."

"Yes Aenghus?"

"Would you like to go with me to Homecoming that is coming up?"

Ciara was speechless once again… But it didn't take long to come up with her answer.

"Of course I would."


"Yes, Aenghus."

"See you at 5 then?"

"Sounds like a date."

Méabh decided she wasn't going to go so Aenghus and Ciara could bond more and they could probably go a little further than their just friends relationship.