Love in Ireland

Chapter 4: Aenghus goes to College

Aenghus said his goodbyes, and kissed Ciara one last time before he got on the plane. Ciara cried as she watched Aenghus leave. The love of her life was going to go to College in America. She was happy for him and yet she was sad watching him leave.

But Aenghus kept his promise, and he came back every chance he could, yet he seemed to change a bit by bit. Ciara and Aenghus drifted further and further apart. By the fifth year, they'd grown so far apart that they lost interest in each other. The time gaps were terrible, his breaks shorter, and she didn't recognize him either because he dyed his hair blonde. He'd changed too much from when they first met. She loved the younger Aenghus, and that she didn't like the newer one.

"Ciara, dear, I think we should uh…Break up."

"I was thinking the same, we've changed too much."

"It was nice knowing you Ciara."

"Nice knowing you too."

And that was the end of it, the relationship that was almost made perfectly in heaven had ended, and it was time to move on.