Stalking Kynan

One: In which I fall in love

I was the crazy boy of my school. No one talked to me, let alone came near me. In my classes there was a circle of empty desks around me and few of the teachers ever asked me anything.

Don't get me wrong though, I liked it that way. The voices in my head were enough social interaction for me and truthfully touching people made me nervous.You never know where they've been.

My personal goal was to get quietly through my high school years without going completely insane (heh), but apparently that wasn't to be. It had taken the school a few years to notice my anti-social tendencies, but once they labelled it as unhealthy they promptly sent to the counsellor. The interrogation went something like this:

Counsellor: Tell me...are you happy?
Me: Are you?
Counsellor: (long pause) Tell me...why don't you have any friends?
Me: I hate people.
Counsellor: Really...Tell me more...
Me: Sometimes I bake cupcakes and then eat them.

From this short discussion the councillor came to the conclusion that I was indeed crazy. He called my parents and suggested to them that I needed professional mental help.

A few weeks later I found myself stepping into the brightly light office of my new therapist. The framed picture immediately caught my attention on the far wall. It was one of those pictures of a daring feat with a quote. A rock climber to be more specific and the word 'perseverance' in purple lettering. I clenched my fists, fighting the sudden and overwhelming desire to smash the picture and then burn it.

My therapist smiled at me, oblivious to my temptation. "Hi Nathan. I'm Julie." She told me.

I sort of half smiled, which makes me look like I have a facial twitch. Twitch. "Hi." Twitch. I replied. No wonder people thought I wascrazy.

I sat down on the far side of the dark blue couch. Julie sat across from me in a big comfy chair. And so started my therapy.

Over the next few sessions Julie ended up telling me quite a bit about her family. I didn't really pay attention; I didn't care. I was too busy considering exactly how I was going to orchestrate my miraculous recovery so I could stop having to waste an hour a week talking about why I wasn't able to fit in.

It (as in the stalking) all started when Julie decided we needed a change of scene so we went for what can only be described as a therapy walk. We were strolling down a street near the building and Julie pointed out her house to me.

I was surprised she was showing me where she lived. Wasn't she afraid I'd snap and try to kill her whole family? Or maybe at least start being generally creepy towards them?

We got a little closer and I could see Kynan standing at the big front windows looking out. Our eyes met through the glass and I didn't look away until the glare on the window caused him to disappear from sight. Suddenly I was interested. Intrigued. Possibly even in love.

Julie was telling me about some random physiological study so she didn't notice. I tuned her out and mentally reviewed all the facts I had previously disregarded. I was pretty sure he was a year or two older than me, and unless I had imagined it Julie had said he went to my school. It made finding out more very easy. And it made stalking him even easier.