I kept my head held high

What could I do?

There's no such thing as honour

So I stick with dignity

And I let you tell me what you think of me

I have nothing left to lose

I have nothing left to gain from anything

Intrigues in the very language

With which you accuse me

Of grave sins

And I staggered from the room

And I retched until my nose was bleeding

And I cried until my eyes were dry

And I turned and I came back in

Bleeding and weeping

And horribly bedraggled

And you judged me just the same

And I walked up the steps

Of my own accord

And I did not want to pray

My head looked better inside the bag

And the noose was becoming to my pale neck

And when the time came

To take the last step of this life,

I took it with a deep breath.

The rope snapped

And you made me die again.