By: The Lady Draco and Appassionata

Rating/Warnings: PG 13 (R in later chapters). A story of two lovers, mild language, and explicit content, allusions to insanity, and homosexuality. IF YOU ARE UNCOMFORTABLE WITH HOMOSEXUAL RELATIONS DO NOT READ THIS STORY. THANK YOU. Any intolerance to said relationships will not be tolerated by the authors of this story. We will hunt you down and engage you in moral debate.

Summary: The prologue to a story about forbidden love between a youth and the fallen. It begins in New York in the summer time. The prefect summer. The perfect love. But nothing is truly perfect and happiness seldom lasts. And what is the mystery behind Gabriel's cross?

Part the First: Resurrection

Stephen turned his stereo down. He thought he had heard the garage door opening, but it didn't sound like anyone was downstairs. Quietly, he went down to investigate. He walked through the dim kitchen, grabbing a knife from the wooden holder on his way, just in case. Standing in the hallway, covered in shadow, was the vague outline of a man.

"Stephen," the voice came from the darkened corridor, "It's been a while."

The stranger stepped into the moonlit kitchen. He was tall and deathly pale. His slender form was encased in a tight black shirt, blue jeans, and black dress boots. He slowly started towards Stephen, smiling. Stephen was rooted to his spot on the floor. He couldn't believe that after so many years this man had managed to find him again. He had thought that nightmare was over.

"Gabriel…" Stephen's voice was barely a whisper.

The raven-haired man now stood only inches away from Stephen, looking at him with blazing sapphire eyes. Stephen was so taken aback, he didn't realize that the knife had been gently removed from his grasp and placed on the kitchen counter just out of his reach.

"Stephen," the name was a breathy sigh, "I've been looking for so long." Gabriel placed a delicate, pale hand to Stephen's cheek, cradling it. Stephen couldn't help but lean into that familiar touch.


"Shh…it's all right. I'm here now, and I won't let you leave my side again." There was a fierce protectiveness in the otherwise soothing voice and a burning intensity in his jeweled eyes that stole Stephen's breath away. The soft kiss, the gentle caress, his arms, his lips, his breath; Stephen remembered it all so vividly that it took him by surprise. He stumbled, reeling, groping behind him for the edge of the counter. He felt Gabriel's strong arms twine themselves around his waist, steadying him.

"No…no I can't. I won't!" Stephen stammered.

"But you can," the silken voice urged him.

"No!" Stephen screamed, "You aren't real!"

Stephen awoke with a start. Sitting bolt upright in bed, he gazed around his room cautiously. "Not real," he whispered again, banishing the phantom from his past. He sat for moment just breathing. Inhale. Exhale. Repeat. It was just a dream, he thought over and over again like a Buddhist mantra, a prayer. It was just a dream.

After another moment, Stephen got out of bed and padded over to the adjoining bathroom. Flipping on the light, he took a good, hard look at himself in the mirror. Same disheveled blonde hair, sticking up in the back from his restless sleep. Same slightly blood shot brown eyes. Same not-to-pale skin. He splashed water in his face clearing off the sweat and reviving him. Grabbing a small towel to dry his face, he walked back into his bedroom and plopped back down into his nest of blankets. Why had he had that dream? It had been years since he's though about Gabriel. Besides, Gabriel didn't even exist. He was the figment of a deranged, hormonally imbalanced boy's imagination. Stephen thought back to those horrible years when his mother had first discovered Gabriel, or at least that her son was seeing someone who wasn't really there. He thought of all the years spent in and out of hospitals, mental institutions, halfway houses. The kids he used to call friends all called him crazy. The official term all the cold, sterile, faceless doctors used was paranoid schizophrenia. It took those anonymous men and women two and a half years to convince him that Gabriel was not a real person and three more after that to get him back to "a state suitable for normal interaction with his peers". They gave him lots of drugs in the beginning: Prozac, Thorazene, relaxants for his random fits of rage, even Imatrex for the chronic headaches the other medications caused. Although, Stephen had begun to think they only began when his faith in reality was shattered. Eventually though, Gabriel stopped appearing, and he was allowed to go home. Back to his real home and live a normal life or so he thought, but even that was denied him. Too many people knew what had happened to him and those that did not had heard fantastic rumors about "Stephen the schizo". He was an outcast in his own town. Everyone looked at him with either fear or pity or worse yet, amusement.

He had only been home four months when his mother had packed them up and moved all the way across the country to California. There he had finally been able to start over again. Go to school, make friends, lead the life he would not have been able to back east. Here no one knew his past. He was free, so to speak. Free from the memory of the horrible years in sterile prisons where he didn't know what to believe in. Now, he lived alone in a rented house, paid for by his mother, and went to college like any normal kid would do. Yet, he was always reminded of those years in the mental institution. Everyday he still had to take medication to keep his demon at bay. Stephen chuckled to himself. Gabriel the demon, he though, how ironic.

Suddenly Stephen frowned, something still didn't sit right with him. He hadn't thought about Gabriel in years, he took his medicine everyday; then why? Why this sudden dream? Why this sudden remembrance?! And it had felt so real, damnit! Stephen swore he could still taste him on his lips, feel his strong arms around; BEEP!

Stephen jumped, he looked over at his alarm clock. It read 8:27 P.M.

"Shit!" Jumping out of bed, he turned the alarm off and rushed over to his closet. "Shit, shit, shit. Shawn and Julia are going to kill me if I'm late again!"

Hurriedly, he threw some clothes on. A pair of faded blue jeans, a black shirt, his silver cross around his neck like always, and a pair of black dress boots. Stopping in the bathroom quickly to fix his hair, Stephen raced downstairs, put his wallet in a back pocket, grabbed his keys and black leather jacket, and left through the back door into the garage. Pulling his motorcycle out of the garage, he started it up and was off to Julia's.

Stephen pulled up to Julia's apartment at a quarter to 9 P.M. She came rushing out the front door with her finger to her lips. Stephen turned the bike off and put down the kickstand.

"Shh, my mother's upstairs with a hangover!" she shouted in a stage whisper.

"When did she get back last night?" Stephen asked.

"About 2 A.M. She's slept all day. Ya' know, she's got some nerve giving me a curfew," Julia frowned.

"So where's Shawn?" Stephen rarely saw Julia and Shawn apart. They'd been friends since birth, and two of the first people who talked to him when he had first moved and started school in California.

"I called him at eight and said we'd meet him for dinner. So is the thing really heavy or could we push it to the end of the street?" she asked, gesturing towards the motorcycle. Julia always called it "the thing", like that was the bike's name or something.

"It's not bad. I can get it," Stephen grunted as he flipped the kickstand back up and started walking the motorcycle down the street. "So, I take it you're riding with me," he added almost as an after thought.

"There's no way I'm gonna take a chance on waking my mom by taking the car. I'd be grounded for the next two months, at least."

"I can't believe you still get grounded, and have a curfew. I mean, you're almost twenty-one years old. Why don't you just move in with Shawn?"

"Like I've said before, I love Shawn. I just don't want to hear Shawn making love," she stated, wrinkling up her nose.

"Eww," Stephen added, "good point." They go to the end of the street and Stephen started the bike. Julia climbed on behind him and they headed towards the campus dorms.

Shawn was waiting for them outside his dorm tapping his foot impatiently. Shawn always loved theatrics, and considering that he wanted to graduate with an Acting Major, it was an ever present quirk in his daily life. Stephen pulled up, making a flashy stop at the bottom of the building's stairs. Julia hopped off and ran up the stairs, flying into Shawn's expectant arms.

"Shawn darling," Julia cooed affectionately, "did you miss me?"

Shawn kissed her lightly on the cheek. "Of course, Julia. How could I not?" Stephen rolled his eyes as he ascended the stairs to join his friends.

"Well, aren't you two just the sweetest couple I've ever seen." Stephen's voice dripped with sarcasm. "Why don't you guys just go out already? You know it's inevitable."

Shawn released Julia from his arms and swaggered over to Stephen with a coy smile. Wrapping his arms around Stephen's waist, Shawn planted a big, wet kiss right on Stephen's lips, tongue included.

"But you're the only one for me, Stephen." Shawn said after pulling away.

"While I appreciate…the sentiment," Stephen said after scrubbing his mouth with the back of his hand, "I'd rather not contract one of your multiple STD's. Thank you very much."

Shawn took a dramatic gasp and clutched at his heart. "Stephen, why must you wound me so?"

There was a moment of silence before they all broke into a hysterical fit of laughter. After a minute or two, they calmed down. Although, they still had tears in their eyes and were clutching their sides.

"Seriously though," Julia gasped between straggling giggles, "where are we going for dinner, that is, before we head to The Black Rose?"

"The Black Rose," Shawn whined, "do we have to go to that Goth club again?"

"It's not a "Goth" club. It's simply dark and misunderstood." Julia explained.

"Like your tortured soul." Stephen chimed in with a mock-spooky voice.

Like quicksilver, Julia's hand shot out and slapped Stephen up-side the head. "Shut up, Stephen. You should be happy we're going to The Black Rose. It's the only major gay club around here."

"Yeah, Stephen," Shawn piped in, "we'll find you the sexiest boy there."

"Oh wonderful!" Stephen said, "I have the fabulous taste of Shawn in my favor. Now I know I'll find the man of my dreams."

"Well, now that it's decided we're going to The Black Rose, that still leaves our dinner plan unresolved." Julia interrupted.

"Well, if you're both in the mood for oriental," Shawn began.

"NO!" Stephen and Julia interrupted simultaneously.

"You didn't even let me finish!" Shawn protested.

"That's because we know what's coming, and neither of us want ramen, Shawn," Julia retorted.

"Do you hear this? This is why we won't date, Stephen," Shawn explained, "I can't even get a complete idea out and she shoots me down."

"Don't come to me for sympathy." Stephen answered, "I shot you down too."

"So I take it we'll be eating separately tonight," Julia stated flatly.

"Well, we could always just grab a burger somewhere," Shawn shrugged.

"Yeah Shawn! I'm so proud of you! You had a good idea for once!" Julia doted on him for a few seconds, then he and Julia started towards the street. The pair climbed into Shawn's car, and Stephen started his bike up. They met at a local joint, popular with college kids, not far from the campus. None of them liked chain restaurants, so they always ate at these hole-in-the-wall type places. Shawn pulled through two parking spaces so Stephen could park his motorcycle behind the car. As they walked in, Stephen noticed that the place was pretty crowded for the time of night. Julia and Shawn were talking about something of little interest to Stephen, so he looked around to see if he recognized anyone who might let them sit at their table. Suddenly, someone slapped him hard on the ass.

"Right?" Shawn asked, grinning like the Cheshire cat. Stephen was about to smack him when the guy behind them interrupted.

"You fucking fag," he said with complete and utter contempt.

Shawn, hands on hips, proudly announced for the entire restaurant, "I happen to be bi-sexual for your information, although, I prefer girls, and whether I'm here for a fuck or not is none of your damn business." The other man's eyes lit up and he took a swing at Shawn. Stephen pulled Julia back by her arm, and out of harms way. Shawn ducked the guy's punch expertly, and turned quickly to go. The three companions left in a hurry with the enraged stranger swearing they'd all burn in hell. Why are the Christian's always so violent? Stephen thought.

"Look," Julia said exasperatedly, "It's almost 10, and I'm really not that hungry anyway. Why don't we just forget dinner and hit the club?"

"Sounds good to me," Shawn said.

"Sure," Stephen agreed. They left the parking lot and headed down town.

The only thing Stephen hated about The Black Rose was trying to find a parking place. He ended up nearly a block away, but luckily, Julia and Shawn had been nice enough to wait for him. Shawn must have changed in the car. He was now wearing a mesh top and one of Julia's longer skirts.

"You are insane," Stephen said upon seeing the outfit. He really didn't mean it though, because for some reason, Shawn still managed to hold an air of masculinity about him, even if he was wearing a skirt. Stephen gave him the once over and noticed that he was also wearing fishnet tights and boots. Oh Lord, Stephen though, what a combination. He decided to lose Shawn promptly once he got inside the club.

Shawn giggled, "Goth club, Goth outfit. Don't you think it matches my tortured soul?" Julia whacked him in the stomach before Stephen could reply.

"Come on," she said irritably.

They stood in line for what seemed like hours, but finally, were able to get in. The trio walked down a long corridor painted black with eerie lighting and lavish blood red taffeta and satin decorations everywhere. Charming, Stephen thought to himself as they passed a pair of Gothed-out girls who gave them disaffected scowls as they walked by. Once they got close to the entrance of the club, Stephen could feel the pounding music as it passed through the opening and closing door. Julia, Stephen, and Shawn passed through those magic doors and it was like stepping into a whole other world of flashing lights, deafening music, overwhelming heat, and chaotic motion. Grabbing both Stephen and Shawn's hands, Julia plunged them into the fray of heat and motion.

They were jostled, almost like jumping into the ocean only to be caught by a wave that is just too strong and being crushed back onto the beach. Stephen tried as hard as he could not to let Julia's delicate little hand slip from his grasp. Suddenly, Stephen found himself surrounded by scantily clad girls with charcoal lined eyes and mouths the color of gleaming blood. Their hands were roving over his body: his chest, under his shirt, over his back, through his hair. It was all so intoxicating and so sudden, Stephen hardly realized that he had started to grid with these sirens of the dance floor. All in an instant, as quickly as it had begun, Stephen felt sick, choked, suffocated. He had to break free, had to get away. Where were Julia and Shawn? What time was it? Stephen pushed away from his captors and towards the edge of the dance floor. Anything to get away from the oppressive heat and motion and sound. It seemed like an eternity wading through the countless shifting bodies of the crowd, but finally he emerged. Breathing a sigh of relief, Stephen made his way over to the bar, practically collapsing into a stool. He took a moment to catch his breath before looking at his watch. They'd been there for about an hour. Stephen looked out into the crowd; no sign of Shawn or Julia. I'll find them later, Stephen thought. He then settled into his seat and watched the whole scene before him, taking it all in for what seemed like the first time.

The club was dark, seductive, pulsing with the constant beat of the music and the hearts of those who so wildly danced. Lights flashed; white, green, blue, purple, red, yellow, and back again. Everywhere around him moving, shifting, faceless bodies undulated against each other in a desperate, almost obscene union heated flesh and cold sweat. He noticed the same blood-tinted lips of the sirens seducing their next victim into a dance. Shuddering inexplicably at the sight, he turned back to the bar and signaled the bartender. She was a generic peroxide blonde with artificially tanned skin and make-up so thick Stephen bet if he knocked her down and stepped on her face, he'd probably sink in at least an inch.

"What can I get for you, stud?" she shouted into his ear as she leaned over the bar, a low-cut v-neck shirt exposing impossibly large breasts that looked just as fake as the rest of her. I wonder if she really thinks she's attractive like that, Stephen wondered.

"I'll have a mai tai." He shouted back into her huge hoop earing.

She winked and eye lined with overly massacred eyelashes and went off to make his drink. Stephen sighed and turned back around to face the pulsing , shifting throng. He'd lost Shawn and Julia not 15 minutes after setting foot in the place, he assumed that Shawn was currently getting phone numbers from every girl in the club by charming his way into their hearts, and Julia was no doubt cozying up to some brain-dead pretty-boy. Brain-dead pretty-boy…actually, that described Shawn very well. Shawn and Julia would make a fabulous couple, when Stephen really thought about it. They really should get together and get it over with. They had been dancing around the issue for years, but never were quite on with their timing. However, that was just Stephen's humble opinion. Shrugging to himself Stephen turned around to the bar to find his drink ready and waiting on a small black napkin with that clubs logo on it. He signaled the bartender again.

"How much do I owe you?"

"It's already been paid for ." grating valley-girl voice invading his ear again, "That guy at the end of the bar paid for it."

Stephen looked to where her long pink talon was pointing, but there was no one there. "I don't see anyone."

Suddenly, a hand was on Stephen's shoulder. He spun around to see those all too familiar sapphire eyes staring him down. Stephen's lips formed a single word, 'Gabriel'; the other smiled. Leaning close to Stephen's ear, Gabriel whispered, "You're mine, Stephen. Now and forever." Stephen knew the words should have been lost in the din of the music, but somehow they were crystal clear. Almost as if Gabriel's voice could some how cut through the noise and speak directly to him.

He felt Gabriel's strong arms wrapping themselves around his waist, pulling him out of his chair and to the dance floor, leaving the untouched drink and a slightly disappointed bartender behind. Together they moved onto the floor, momentarily parting the sea before the waves of dancing figures crashed back in around them. For a moment Stephen felt suffocated again by the massive crowd until he met the still depths of Gabriel's brilliant chill blue eyes. Everything else seemed to melt away but himself and the raven-haired beauty in front of him. Stephen was finally able to take in the full scale of Gabriel's stunning beauty. He was nothing short of breath taking in a pair of fitted leather pants with the same black boots as in Stephen's dream and a long-sleeved, black, mesh top the hugged Gabriel's statuesque body, accentuating its absolute perfection. As if hypnotized by the music, Stephen started to move to the rhythm. Following Stephen's lead, Gabriel began to dance; all elegant motions, fluid, seductive. Reaching out, Gabriel pulled Stephen, without protest, into his arms. They began to move together, slow at first, getting used to the feel of one another; their body, their movements. Then everything changed with the quickening pulse of the music. Everything became fast, rough, desperate, pure heat. Gabriel's hands moved under Stephen's shirt to caress his naked chest, their hips grinding against each other, Stephen's hands twined in the silky strands of Gabriel's hair. Stephen was on the verge of collapsing from the serge of feelings running through him like electric shocks. He leaned in, kissing Gabriel fiercely, feeling his satin lips and scorching tongue as Gabriel returned the kiss passionately. It was heaven to be in those arms again. To feel his hard body and sensual mouth against his, it was almost too much. Stephen lost himself in the feeling of Gabriel's touch as the music beat on. Gabriel was mumbling things into his ear, but Stephen was too delirious to discern their meaning.

"I…you…forever…love…leave you…mental insti…my precious…cross?"

The last word caught Stephen's attention. The cross. Yes, he had always kept the cross. Even when the doctors had tried to take it away, he managed to kept it. Gabriel's cross.

Suddenly Stephen came back into himself. He was alert, clear-headed. Then he saw him, Gabriel was standing right in front of him with a puzzled look on his face. Stephen took a step back.


"Stephen?" Gabriel's concerned voice still reached him call too clearly.


Gabriel reached out a hand and put it on Stephen's shoulder, worry apparent on his face.

"No!" Stephen screamed, wrenching away from Gabriel's grasp.

Stephen turned and ran through the crowd, shoving people out of his way. What the hell was I doing, Stephen thought as he continued to run. I have to get away. I have to get away, I have to run. Stephen burst through the doors of the club and into the black hallway. Running full tilt, he could feel Gabriel closing in behind him, but he had to get away. He burst out into the night air and made a mad dash to his waiting motorcycle a block away. Jamming his hand into his pocket as he ran, Stephen tried to find his keys.

"Come on…come on…" Stephen said nervously looking up every few seconds to see if Gabriel was there. "Yes!" Stephen said in triumph and he pulled out his key and jammed it into the ignition. The motor flared to life and the headlight shined its bright beam into a back ally where an illuminated Gabriel stood.

"Shit!" Stephen exclaimed. How had he gotten there so fast? Stephen had looked there not two seconds ago. Revving the engine, Stephen pealed out of the lot, flying down the city streets until he reached his house. Quickly pulling into the garage, Stephen closed the garage door and burst inside. Leaning against the kitchen door, he closed his eyes and tried to slow his breathing. After a moment, Stephen stumbled into the kitchen, grabbing a bottle of pills. The word Thorazene was printed clearly on the bottle's label. This will make you go away you bastard, Stephen thought angrily. He opened it and shook out two pills, swallowing them without water. He continued into his living room and flopped on to the couch, exhausted.

Stephen was sitting on the couch trying to clear his head when he saw something out of the front window. He turned in time to see someone moving towards the front door. Stephen pushed himself up and walked lightly into the foyer, expecting to see a concerned Julia or a miffed Shawn there. He looked through the peephole, but there wasn't anyone on the porch, so he opened the door to get a better view. Gabriel was just slightly to the left of the door, not in range of the peephole. He slid into the foyer next to Stephen and silently closed the door.

"Why won't you leave me alone?" Stephen demanded.

"Because you're mine, and you always have been," Gabriel replied. His voice was as smooth as silk.

"You're not real," Stephen asserted.

"Of course I am, Stephen," he said gently tilting the boy's head upwards, "I'm flesh and blood," he cooed softly, lightly kissing Stephen's lips. "I want you," he whispered. Suddenly Stephen's skin was hyper sensitive and he sighed as Gabriel led him back to the couch. Gabriel wrapped an arm around the small of Stephen's back and kissed him passionately. His hands found the hem of Stephen's shirt and quickly pulled it up over his head. Gabriel's lips roamed along Stephen's chest as the boy fumbled with his mesh. Gabriel smiled and pulled back slightly as Stephen pulled the mesh shirt off. He took both shirts and flung them aside. Gabriel again fell to passionately kissing Stephen as they tumbled onto the over stuffed couch, and pressed his bare chest against Stephen's. The cross was a searing cold against their bodies. The boy let out a moan as Gabriel's hand rubbed along the inside of his thigh. His hand deftly followed the inseam of the pants, dancing up the zipper and the swiftly under Stephen's boxers. The boy's body arched and he gasped at the unexpected touch. Gabriel lowered his head, kissing Stephen's ear, "Is this what you want?" he asked. His voice seemed huskier yet it retained its silken qualities. The playful question made Stephen blush. Gabriel removed his hand long enough to unzip the boy's pants, then he slowly began moving his body downward, kissing and caressing Stephen's chest and stomach. Gabriel's hands held Stephen's hips firmly as he kissed the boy's lower stomach. He glanced up slightly to see Stephen's head thrown back, eyes closed. Gabriel's swift hands peeled back the jeans just a little farther and jerked the boxers down. Stephen's body went rigid at Gabriel's touch. Gabriel bent his head down first to kiss his hip then bite the inside of Stephen's thigh. A low, guttural moan escaped Stephen's lips. Gabriel continued to drink, drawing the blood in rhythm with Stephen's body until the boy's heart began to speed up. Gabriel reluctantly pulled away, licking any traces of blood from his mouth and the wound on Stephen's thigh. He slid himself back up the length of Stephen's body so that they were face to face. Stephen's eyes were bleary and he looked a bit weak, but otherwise unharmed. His head lolled to the side finding Gabriel's warm chest. Gabriel cradled him until he fell sleep. He gently moved Stephen into a more comfortable position, draped a blanket over him, and kissed him on the forehead. He retrieved his top from the floor and locked Stephen's door on his way out.

Stephen woke up on the couch the next morning with an afghan lovingly draped over him. His shirt and pants were still on the floor nearby, and there was a note on the coffee table. Stephen sat up slowly, feeling slightly dizzy, and picked up the note.

'I want to take you again, Stephen. I'll come back tonight,

A shiver ran down Stephen's spine at the mention of last night's ecstasy. He would be here tonight, waiting for Gabriel, but before he let that man even touch him, there were some burning questions that needed answers. And the only one who could supply those answers was not real, or at least that's what Stephen had thought.

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