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Chapter 1

The New Era

A familiar peace has returned to the realm of Midgard. The bridges of old that linked the three realms were destroyed. The Nether Realm, The Celestial Realm, and Midgard were now separate. But the people of those realms are not. The war between the three realms took place mostly on Midgard. Men, Elves, Demons and Angels all fought with ferocity over a cause long, long forgotten. Once the war ended each species separated from each other living in seclusion with their own kind. This was three hundred years ago. Now was the beginning of a new era, the era of blood.

The city of Pandrom was busy as usual; the market place was full of merchants, buyers, con-artists, and crime lords. But, none of that was the concern of Osiris. He was hired to kill and that was all. He didn't want any thing to do with others; anyone who gets near him ends up dead. His long brown jacket kicked up with a gust of wind, revealing his blade, the Marsamune. It was a one of a kind blade, said to be carved by the gods themselves. It was said that there was only one other sword that can match its power, the Masamune. But again, it concerned him not. He had no quarrel with others, he had a job to do, and like any other man he did it.

He stopped at the house of a rich businessman, Volyut. It was rumored that his biggest income was drugs and such. But he required the services of an assassin, he asked the right man. He was let in by a servant and was shown to Volyut's den. Osiris walked in and heard the servant shut the door behind him. He looked around the room; a woman in a kimono was playing a strange wooden flute. She looked up with her deep green eyes at Osiris and he looked back with his cold brown eyes. She closed her eyes again and continued playing. He looked back at the man sitting on the floor drinking wine, a plump man probably reaching his late fifties. He wore a pearl colored suit and sat with his legs crossed. He waved his hand at Osiris in a motion to sit.

"Come boy sit, sit." He put on a smile and emphasized that last 'sit'. So Osiris sat down quietly. Volyut handed the assassin a glass and poured some wine. "You like red wine, correct?" he asked in a friendly tone.

"I don't care." He replied coolly.

"Huh. Well," his voice became very business-like "Did you…" he was cut off by the sound of a disemboweled hand falling in front of his glass.

"He is dead."

"Good, good. This is very good indeed. I was worried that you might not be suitable for the task at hand." Volyut held up his hand to the girl to motion her to stop. She put the flute-like object down and turned to Osiris. "Let me introduce my trusted assassin, Terra." The girl bowed her head and her blue hair fell to the side. It was tied at the end with a pink ribbon. "She is an elf you know,"

"I am not blind Volyut. I can see that."

"Yes well, I have a new assignment for you. It is a demon bounty."

"Is it now?" his voice showed a hint of interest.

"Yes, he is an assassin much like yourself or was. He has been notorious for killing without remorse, anyone in the area he wanders into is destroyed by the time he wanders out."

"I doubt it is the ruthless murders that have you wanting him dead." Osiris' voice became cold and accusing.

"Ah, how true, this murderer is ruining trade routes and is killing off some of my merchants." Volyut confessed

"You mean dealers for your drugs and smuggled goods don't you?" The fat man became a little red in the face and a low grumbling was heard.

"He's coming to Pandrom next." Osiris put down his glass at this remark.

"So you want a bodyguard. Afraid he'll come for you? From what you told me, he's holding a grudge against you. Why shouldn't I just let him kill you?"

"Do you want to get paid or not!?" Volyut raised his voice at Osiris.

"I don't need this job." Osiris got up and started for the door.

"W-wait! I'll double your pay!" Volyut was getting desperate. Osiris opened the door and stepped out the room. He turned to the businessman.

"Your assassin can handle him." He closed the door and left the estate. As he walked down the street he turned and looked at the city. The bar and hotel particularly stood out. "I need a drink."

Volyut looked at Terra who just stared at the door. "He's coming." She said with calmness to her voice. "He'll be in town tonight. At the bar. The rest is… unclear."

"Go there then, talk to him. Convince him to take the job, do it by any means necessary. Understand?" She knew what he meant by that, she'd done some 'things' to get a job done. Seduction, drugging, stealth, even… she'd rather not think about it. It was all part of the job, and she did her job exceptionally well. She exited the room and headed for the city.

Soon, she thought silently, I'll exact my revenge…

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