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Chapter 4

Panzer and a boy named Mars

"Wh-what the hell was that?" stammered Terra, taking an extra step back from the deadly machine. A snicker escaped Maria's lips.

"This, this is the latest technology from the demons: The gattling gun." Her gaze fell on Ghost. "I was shocked Alexander, I thought you'd be better then this. Tsk, tsk. Even after being ex-communicated from the order. What would your father say?" Ghost gritted his teeth; he was always living in his father's shadow. A marvelous warrior, one who valued morals and tried his best to serve the church, he died in battle. Ghost was left with his older brother, Charles, and his mother. Charles was Acid's father.

Maria relished in her victory… That is, of course, until she heard the sound of metal slicing metal. Frantically she looked around the bridge counting the people in front of her…

The hag, Alexander, lil' thief, and… Oh, Gods. Where's the swordsman? She turned around to face the man, who was only inches away from her face. He had a horrible grin on his face as he pulled his sword out of the machine. The gears began to jam and the steam stopped pouring out of the machine. "IT'S GONNA BLOW!" screamed Maria as she ran past Osiris and into the main castle. The machine began to brim with electricity as it couldn't stand any more added pressure. Osiris and the others weren't about to stand around to see if Maria's prediction was going to come to pass, they too quickly ran into the main castle and didn't stop running.


Sure enough, the machine in the shape of a cow was no more. What was left of it was hurtling down to the ground along with the bridge leading to prison.

"Wow. Were we ever lucky." Commented Maria. Osiris looked at her coldly.

"You are some kind of idiot…" He started.


"Aren't you trying to stop us?"

"Oh… You're right. I guess I'll have to beat you myse…" Maria never finished her sentence. You see kiddies; it's hard to talk when you've been punched in the back of the head by a very testy elf.

"Take that you bitch!" Acid and Ghost had to both hold Terra back. But nonetheless the job was done; Maria was incapacitated for the moment. Osiris looked around; nothing to stop her from talking was in the area. Then he looked at Terra; maybe it wasn't something but rather someone that could stop her from talking…

Meanwhile in the King's throne, the king sat in his throne, brooding over the situation. My, oh my. He thought with a grin. Osiris, you make this all too easy. Soon he will be delt with. And you will do it for me.

The princess sat in her room thinking about her father, something wasn't right. Her father never acted like this. He replaced his loyal guards with…Demons. He hated demons, as did she. But, it was with good reason; those foul beasts slaughtered her mother. Her father changed after this horrible event, but never did she dream that he would allow those beasts in the castle as guards. Demons had no ethics or honor, they were all bloodthirsty monsters and he knew it.

Acid looked around the corner, all clear. He gave the signal and the other's followed. They began to make their way out of the castle; surprisingly, it was unguarded. It was smooth sailing after they hid a temporarily frozen Maria in the broom closet. The group made their way to the main hall; all they needed to do was take the flight of stairs to the bottom floor. Easy, right?

The staircase spiraled and was rather thin, only one person could traverse it at a time. Osiris was in the front and Ghost brought up the rear, Terra and Acid were doing their best not to kill each other. Terra, who was behind Osiris, got closer to ask him a question.

"So, why are you helping me?" She started, more than a little curious. "I mean, you hardly know me…" He looked back at her coldly, then faced the front once more.

"You were going to do the same, correct?"

"Uh…" she blushed a little. "Well yeah, I guess. But, you don't look quite like the kind of person that would help someone. Be honest." He sighed, as if she brought up something painful, but she ignored it.

"You remind me of someone I once knew."

"Oh… Like who?" she said, a little offended.

"…I don't remember…"


There was a short-lived silence afterward that was broken by the flapping of wings and a horrible voice.

"Alright you cattle. Listen up, march right up those stairs or else…" The voice started, still nowhere to be seen.

"Oh yeah," replied Acid, defiant as ever. "Or what?"

"I was hoping you'd ask that. Eh heh heh heh…" replied a voice, different than the first.

"Or we're gonna crush you good…" added a third, much deeper voice.

Suddenly three demons flew up from below the steps and circled the group of four. They were all scaly and gray, kind of like a mix between a dragon and an anaconda. The first one was gangly and thin; he seemed to be the boss though, as he always moved three seconds before the other two who followed suit. The second one was a big, burly demon who didn't seem to be packing much in the department of intellect. Finally, there was this small one who was about half the size of the leader. Osiris didn't even draw his sword, it was foolish, so he turned around and waited for Ghost to head up the steps.

The castle was much taller than anyone expected…

The group finally got to their destination, the throne room. The king got up and began to clap his hands.

"Very good, I must say, I was a little worried you might leave the castle." The king complemented. "I have a job, in exchange for you're freedom of course."

Acid and Ghost's face lit up in excitement, now they wouldn't have to go to the guillotine. Happy days indeed. Osiris was, however, rather skeptical of the king's actions. "Fine, Team Panzer accepts your mission. What is it your majesty?" The king smiled then turned to Terra.

"Elf, you are aware of the Demons in the Serpentine territory, yes?"

"O-of course your majesty. That is where my current target is located." She replied honestly. The king turned to the throne again and took a few steps towards it.

"Ah, so you are one of Volyut's 'slaves'?" the term slave referred to his method of employment. You work for him for life and you can have a place to live, once you sign the contract that's it, you're there for life.

"Yes." She replied quietly.

"Well, do this job and I'll set you free." Terra scanned his eyes to tell if he was lying or not. He wasn't, he was serious. She nodded vigorously at the offer.

"OF COURSE I WILL! YES RIGHT AWAY! WHO IS IT!?!?" the king handed the group of four a photo. It contained the image of a young half-demon. Possibly half-human as well, he had silver hair and blood red eyes. He wore a buttoned up overcoat and had his sword tied to his belt that was on the outside of the coat. His oddest feature was his tail; it was that of a fire dragon.

"This is your target, Mars Destin, the new chief of the Serpentine territory."

"But, he is only a boy, how is he a threat to your kingdom?" asked Terra.

The king's expression turned sour. "I sent a squad of my best soldiers to negotiate with him, but, they were all slaughtered. Only their head's were returned."

"Oh my God." Terra held up her hands to her mouth as a look of shock crossed her face. "That's awful! Those monsters…"

"When do we leave?" Osiris asked coldly.

"We'll need a ship to cross the Mooreshire Lagoon. That would be the fastest route." Added Ghost.

"Funny you should ask… here's your ride now." Replied the king.

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