A Day in the Life:

My Life in Whimsicality

War has gained Peace. This paradox is fact. Through history, man has developed reason and elaborated on the possibilities and realities of reason: man has rendered faith, truth, and morality, and has upheld them and marveled at them. But then again, man has rendered greed, vindication, and separation. In all of man's compassionate and ethical endeavors, there has been malice and power to dissuade him of anything humane.

Man has lived his life as a paradox.

Man has separated church and state under God.

Man has announced universal equality that pertains to separate classes.

Man has achieved peace via war.

This is reality, something more triumphant and glorious, something that the corporations can chew and spit out, and something that Disney can make seem happy but really just galvanize indulgent onlookers and capitalize. Reality is whimsical, and therefore man's life is lived in whimsicality.

In the catacombs of reason, virtue has been contradicted interminable times. Countries have been overthrown, ideals violently imposed, riches sought, and exploitation has always been eminent. Reason is whimsical because reason itself, manifested as righteousness, is nonexistent. Reason is a wavering vision of what is right. This is life as we uphold it; this is my life in whimsicality.