I slowly brush my teeth, not wanting to go to bed. Little by little the clock ticks by from 8:00 to 8:06 to 8:20.

Downstairs my parents are getting ready for bed, and in the next room my sister reads quietly. Outside the wind is blowing, but I know that is just what the monster wants me to think. He sits under the bed waiting until I forget about him. When I do, he will jump out in all his furry monsterness , scare me witless, and then drag me under the bed for ice cream. Oh, I know that ice cream sounds nice, but have you every seen monster ice cream? It…

"Leah, go to bed! It is getting late!" yells mom.

"Fine mom," I answer, then mutter, "even you wont be able to save me from the monster, and his giant, evil rat minions." At a snail's pace, I drag m feet to my bedroom (it doesn't help much since the door is only two feet away). I leave the door wide open (for an easy escape) and sprint to my bed like light itself.

I lie down in bed and pull my protective covers over my head. The blankets, again, will not help much, only postpone my doom. Bravely, I turn the lights off and the room plunges into darkness.

I can hear the monster's nails (painted bubble-gum pink) scrach the floor as he pulls himself out from under my bed. The moonlight gathers around his huge, greasy, green body as he stands up. His head, three horns and all, brush the ceiling. His giant body casts a grizzly shadow on my wall.

The monsters smell alone hypnotizes me, and I turn over. My gaze takes him in piece by piece from his ugly size forty-two feet, all the way up to his head. Craning my neck, I peer into his orange, glowing, glasslike eyes. My throat goes so tight I can't even squeak.

"Yes Leah, now that I have gotten this scaring business over with, let's go and enjoy some of my homemade ice cream. It tastes really good." Coaxes the monster. With hairy hands big enough to go around my waste twice, he picks me up and starts to pull me under the bed.

I try to stop him, but nothing seems to work. Not kicking, not smacking, and of course, not screaming.

"Now Leah, if you stop all this fuss, things will go a lot smoother. I may even let you have an extra serving of ice cream before I…I…ha ha hum." The monster giggles.

"No, no, NO!" I finally screamed, thrashing even harder than before.

"Leah, GO TO BED!!" my mom bellows. Everything within a three-mile radius is frozen in fear except for the monster and I. He is so scared, that he drops me and quickly scrambles back into his stinky, smelly, messy, terrible, absolutely horrible home under my bed. I scramble even faster into my bed, with pajamas covered in his nasty sweat.

The monster left me alone, unlike many other unfortunate kids who were never, ever, ever seen again. This is why I am able to tell you my true, gruesome tale about the monster under my bed.

My mom must have scared him silly because I haven't seen him since. Who knows when or whom he will attack next?

"Oh, LEeeeAaahhhhh!!"