A/N: The reference to the song "C'est Moi" is from the musical Camelot. Dedicated to Brett. Finished 2:43 PM, 26 December 2004

Lost Lancelot

You said you'd paint a picture of beauty
Which I would taste upon your lips
If fate willed it to be so.

You fought my dragons
And I gave you my kerchief as
A token of my appreciation.
I see you appear on stage
Singing "C'est Moi!" in a lovely baritone
Because that's the role you play.

You said you loved me-
That you needed me for completion
Because we were perfect.

Or- that is to say- we fit perfectly
And completed each other,
Which the leaves in my hair depicted,
Or else the starlight on your back.
We were judged, of course,
But that could not deter us.

I was Guenevere and you were
My lost Lancelot
Among the empty eternities.

Yet I was not enough for you
And you began a ceaseless quest
For your forgotten grail.
I could be that grail:
For you to drink deeply from my recesses
Or to hold your blood if need be.

If we stood above an abyss
You said you would jump with me
Hand in hand: into infinity.

To My Dear Lost Lancelot:
Though your honor was vanquished,
I still believed you.