Archer's Eye

It is said he has
The Archer's eye
He draws back the string
His lips release a sigh

He stands breathing softly
Focused, aware
He releases the string
The arrow slices through air

Forward it travels
Its shooter stands staring
The arrow pierces the target
Through the point called "caring"

The archer looks backward
Hope in his eye
But hope dies when he sees targets
He's failed and passed by

He looks back at his goal
His body shaking
If he could stop trembling
The last point would be his for taking

But he is nervous
The target's too far away
His fears corrupt his arm
For they're no longer at bay

He knows if he misses
He will lose it all
Is one shot worth it?
To rise or to fall?

He puts away his arrow
For it is his last
He is not willing
To repeat his past

He blinks his eye
It releases a tear
His mind clouded in mist
A thick layer of fear

The target senses his pain
It begins to draw nearer
His trembling slows to a stop
Now there's nothing to fear

The mist dissipates
He will land his shot
He places arrow to string
Releasing his thoughts

Clearing his mind
He raises his bow
He creates his destiny
As he fires the arrow