Side Effect

Adrienne: Stranger in a Strange Cage

A small whisper slowly made its way into my ears, it brought with it tunes of musical insanity. Its notes told of the glory of women and men of the battlefields from the passages of time. The rings and tunes whispered its secret message into my ear but I paid it no heed. My eyes, but not my mind is pointedly fixed upon the black chalkboard that is mounted directly in front of me. Scribbles of words that I could not comprehend were painted on seemly every inch of the black calk canvas.

Artificial suns loomed over my head lighting the confines of the cage. The windows are covered with thick tapestries that depicted the image of Leo the Lion. I did not mind these; they blocked my own view of freedom, which allowed me to keep my sanity. Who knew of how many songs were sung from women and men who went insane from staring out at the freedom that was denied to them day after day.

My time keeper- a pudgy woman in her late thirties- is standing next to me but turned about. As usual she is speaking in tongues that I do not understand. It is as though a river of vomit is spewing from her mouth like a fountain. It made no sense what so ever. No one wanted to taste it, bury themselves in the subject or even speak of it.

She speaks to a vast array of children who sit in their wooden desks. But they are not children at all, they a herd of cows doomed to the slaughter of conformity. None will be the brave Taurus who stampedes through the fence to go roam onto other pastures discovering something new and different. No, these are the simple minded cattle that stay in their spots and just chew grass and poop. Nothing more can be expected, nothing less will be given.

"Adrienne! Answer my question! Why are you standing there like a dolt! If you don't know the answer to the question on the board then sit down. Allow someone else a chance to answer it, honestly child." The pudgy woman yelled in a tongue that I could vaguely understand.


Déjà vu, I remember that word from somewhere but I don't know where.

The pudgy woman circled around me, with each step that she took her dress and body moved more and more like a wave machine. "Adrienne… I think that you need to go see the counselor right now. What is the matter with you child? She hooked her arm with my own and led me out of the cage into what looked like a passageway.

Would my freedom be granted to me?

"Adrienne I'm worried about you, your eyes are bloodshot and glossy. Your hair is a complete mess, did you even brush it out today? And look at your clothes; you don't even match for crying out loud. Have you've been sleeping alright? Oh. Sweetie, are you having problems with your foster parents again?" Starting at my face the pudgy woman seemed to be waiting for something, but I didn't know what and for that matter I didn't care either actually. I had found myself a lovely piece of heaven, a crack in the pristine walls. It was so beautiful, just breathtaking to view.

"Fine, don't answer me little missy. Get your butt to the guidance counselor's office. I'll inform him that you need some serious help." She yelled causing her jowls to shake like gelatin, it made me want to laugh. Turning her nose to the air she turned around and headed back inside the cage where the other cows were currently talking about my current situation.

Oh Adrienne, that's my name.

Closing my eyes I breathed in a deep filled gulp of air, exhaling I opened my eyes once again to stare down the passageway. Stifling the fear that rose in my heart I placed one foot in front of the other, bravely forging on. My time keeper had given me a mission; I was to head to Sir Counselors' Castle for an R&R retreat.

The only problem was that I didn't know the way to his Castle, nor did I have anyone to ask. The people from this part of the land seemed hostile anyway, so I planned to just keep on moving in hopes to just stumble across the castle.

"Ms. what do you doing in the hallway? Where is your hall pass?" Turning I saw a bald man waddling towards me, both of his hands holding onto what looked like a painted pottery cup. Tilting my head I noticed it had the Cancer Crab painted on the side. His face, half hidden by coke bottle frames accompanied his red nose which as I noticed had a slight purple spot at the end.

How odd.

Only seeing that condition once in life a man in a tavern who had dank himself to death. He too had a purple tipped nose.

"Well young lady, do you have a pass?" Looking at his stomach I could see little hairs poking through the stretched buttons. One more turkey leg and that shirt might just pop open.

His face twisted, "Looks like I'm going to have to take you to the Dean's office for skipping class. Unless young lady that you have a plausible excuse for being outside of your classroom at this hour." He talked as though he had some authority over me; I saw no badge, no armor of honor. I could have just kicked him in his family jewels and it would have been the end of it. But I didn't. He spoke of the Dean's Castle; this one must know where the Counselors' Castle is located then. But I still did not know if they were allies or enemies, one can never be too careful about these things.

"Miss, answer me!" He screamed directly in my face and I smelled it. I could feel all my scenes awaken; it was as though my body was coming to life after a deep seeded dream. I know who I am, where I am and most important what that spicy smell is.

"Don't you think it's a little too early for that sailor?" I asked softy, but nevertheless my voice came out raspy.

His face twisted itself, anger bubbling in his veins fueled by his drink. "Young lady I have no idea what you're implying but I'm personally taking you the office right this instance!"

"Rum… Spicy, you put it in your coffee, right? I'd say it's a Caribbean bottle, smells like the cheap nine dollar bottle bran." I sniffed the air around him, his clothes reeking of all sorts of liquors. I couldn't quite pin point all of the different smells but I knew that I smelled Rum on his breath.

When my words sunk into his skull he raised his hand up as if to strike me but he stopped himself in midair. His hand only a few inches away from my cheek, but I didn't flinch. Lowering his face to mine he grabbed the back of my neck and pulled me closer to his face. I nearly threw up, god this mad reeked,"If you dare breathe a word of this to anyone… I swear I'll come after you." Too many mobster movies, geez I could come up with a better threat in my sleep.

"Chill out. Just give me the rest of your "coffee" and we'll be straight." As I spoke my hand went up to his face to push him back.

Instead of the look of relief that I thought would wash over his face anger turned his face red. Reaching forward his bloated hand grabbed onto my arm forcefully, "Come with me." He didn't even finish speaking before he started to yank me down the hallway.

"Yah! I'm getting FUCKED UP! LICQUOR BOTTLES!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. Opening my mouth to scream again I didn't see him swing around behind me. His coffee cup fell to the ground causing a crash that I almost didn't hear as he wrapped his hand around my mouth and the bottom half of my nose.

"Stupid bitch, be quite or you'll get us both in trouble!" I pushed all the air I had left in my body out in tiny fast intervals making it seem as though I was panicking. "Now if I remove my hand are you going to scream again?" Shaking my head I signaled 'no'. "Fine," slowly he removed his hand away from my mouth dropping it near my hip. Rapping his arm around my waist he tried once again to led me to wherever the hell we were going to.


"RAPE! SOMEONE HELP ME!!!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. Turning his head I could see the utter shock that was smeared on his face. Using this as an advantage I took a hold of his shift and jumped on his side. He titled, becoming severely unbalanced and with the pop of his shirt he went down. Twisting my body I made sure to land semi underneath him. I screamed as loud as my lungs would allow. "RAPE!!"

The once peaceful hallway was now shattered as the screeches and clangs of doors being thrown open invaded its tiny space. Gasps of many unknown faces invaded my ears and one distinct yell was heard above all of them. "Oh my! Get off of her this instant!"

My time keeper or better as she's better known as Mrs. Applebee raised her leg up and kicked the man in his side. Letting out a loud groan he rolled off of me while griping his side. He was not off of me for two seconds before a rain of purses and high heeled shoes came crashing down onto his bald skull.

Go sexual repressed sixty year olds!

"Adrienne, are you okay? You poor baby, I'm so sorry! I shouldn't have sent you out in the hallway, this is all my fault! You poor girl!" Mrs. Applebee pulled me into the folds of her body.

I could feel the contents of my stomach churning, like a space monkey being ready to be chucked into the atmosphere at any moment. Her cheep perfume which was obviously from the dollar store had mixed with her perspiration causing one the foulest odors that I have ever come in contact with. My own bile and shit smelled better.

To add to the already nauseating situation she started to weep. And its not one of those tears are just dripping down your face kinds either, it was the kind where your whole body starts to shake, snot dripping down your face and you can't quite speak, kind of deals. "I c-c-can't bel-believe thi-this hap-hap-happened!" She bellowed, with each stutter she pulled me deeper into her folds.

"It's okay honey, we're going to take care of you." I heard a voice say into my ear but I could not see the owner.

"Get off!" I yelled into her folds, swallowing my bile as I did so.

This is Adrienne, the social reject.

Wow this is short, but it has to be this way. I wanted this to be a one shot but decided to place in the two different perspectives of both characters. So hence, short chapters all around, but I'm not sure if it's going to be more than four to six chapters long.

But I hope you enjoy it.

Next chapter, Rena, what do you think she's going to be like? Tee hee.

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