Invisible Dream

I want to whisk you away to a secret shore,
And lay with you in the cooling sand,
Watching as the blood-red sun sinks into the sea,
Taking our broken dreams and nightmares with it.

And when it is gone, we will look to the sky,
And together we shall count the stars
Until the moon bows a welcome to the sun,
And we must concede defeat to the universe.

It tears me apart
When I must end our midnight rendezvous.

I want to find you on a mountain top,
Amongst our blinding white memories
As they fill the air around us,
And we meet for the first time, again.

Will I know your face when I find you?
Will you know my face as well?
Or will we be strangers upon that cliff
And foolishly part ways without a second glance?

Perhaps we already have...
And I am forever left with an invisible dream.