Epilogue: Paper Crane

Author's Note: To those of you who don't read the notes and the replies, the word 'Epilogue' should be quite a shock… But yeah… I threw an unavoidable twist in the story, so I had to end it or else it'll become all weird.

.:9 months later:.

Somewhere in a small town in California, the nurse at the counter of the Birth and Pregnancy Center, checked in a Mrs. Marissa Carton in room 1218 and calmly tolad a frustrated Mr. Jason Carton that he still needed to wait a bit longer in the waiting room until the doctors said it was ok for visitors to come in.

5 minutes and 16 seconds later, she told Mr. Carton that it was ok and he promptly got up and walked towards the room so fast, it was bordering on a stumbling run. She smiled to herself, recalling her own memories of her husband waiting for her in this very same room.

She shook her head and continued to recheck the number of patients on this floor.

Dr. Thorne gave one last glance at the weird couple who were embracing and cuddling in room 1218 before leaving and padded his way across the hall to another recovering mother in room 1219.

"Mrs. Michaels?" he inquired softly in the cool comforting darkness of the room. Who the hell turned off the lights?

"I'm afraid she's already asleep." A male voice said beside the patient, clasping her hands. "But she seems okay, just a little sore and tired out."

"Then…" Dr. Thorne pulled out a clipboard from somewhere in this room and jotted down some mild painkillers for 'Mrs. Alexandra Rolyn Michaels' and deposited it on the counter table for the nurses later on. "I'm going to give her some soft sedatives and painkillers to lessen the ache. She needs lots of rest, but it really depends on the patient…And you are?"

The guy took a while to look up from his slumbering wife to the doctor and even more time to process the fact that the doctor was asking for his name.

"Michael Michaels."

"Relationship to patient?" Dr. Thorne asked again in a well-practiced clinical voice.

"Her husband."

"Ok." Dr. Thorne threw him a small comforting smile and walked slowly out of the room again.

At that very moment, a package arrived at the doorstep of the Caiters. Elizabeth Caiter signed the mailman's clipboard and took the brown manila envelope and a small square parcel inside.

She opened the envelope first. Two sets of important-looking documents appeared and she inaudibly gasped at the names on the papers.

With still-shaking hands, she unwrapped the parcel to reveal a rather plain box. She lifted the top off to find a white little origami-folded paper crane. Tears welled in her eyes as she recalled the memory of a certain young teenager who became obsessed with the very same art in her junior years. Now, where the girl is now, she didn't know.

Jonah Caiter walked onto a little scene, in which his wife was sobbing at the dinner table, two piles of printed paper stacked neatly on the same table and a small little paper bird in her hands.

He set down the plate of raspberry-butter cookies and glass of honey-milk in his hands and slowly made his way over to envelope his wife in his arms as he took the crane from her hands and unfolded it.

Inside were two sets of different, but familiar handwritings:


We're sorry for not telling you anything about our little flight several months ago. And we're sorry for taking way too much time to send this little crane. But what I'm going through, is , by all means, confidential and it would be really good if you didn't tell the cops about it.

Oh. Mom, Dad.

We moved out of the bookstore already, and Tyl took over, so you can't find us there, cause he doesn't know. There's no return address on this too. Oh and don't bother trying to wrench any information out of Xra and Mike and R and R, cause honestly, they don't even know.

Sorry about Jake there. Somebody (heh) stole his chips, so he's in a bad mood right now. So anyway, I'm sorry for giving back so little after all you're done for us, for we won't be sending anything to you guys anymore. Oh… and why did we run away? Well… I met the very thing that gave my life a new meaning and it was the most wonderful thing that ever happened to me in the world.


Wordlessly, Elizabeth pulled out of her husband's grasp gently and walked over to the little bookshelf beside the sofa. She pulled out the little origami book and walked back to the table and began folding on the creases on the paper silently, while her husband watched her in the comfortable quiet of the not-so-lonely-anymore household.

Mike sighed deeply, while closing the door of Xra's room and rubbed his forehead slowly to let go some of his stress.

"Mike." A voice called a few feet away. He spun around to see Rachel dragging a pouting Rathe towards him. "This guy here was making faces at the little brats in the glassy room and freaked out a few nurses too.

Mike chuckled wearily and was about to reply, when Rachel's and Rathe's jaws dropped. He turned around (again) to see an equally shocked guy coming out of the room opposite of Xra.


The three adults watched the little boy silently, amazed at the age-old wisdom that seem to radiate out of his eyes. But the thing that shocked then the most was how (the fuck) he got there.

Rachel finally stuttered. "So you guys… actually…"

Jason (Jake) and Marissa (Melissa) looked at each other before replying, "Yeah."

He sent her a what-are-we-going-to-do-now look.

She replied with a face-it-cause-there-aren't-any-other-options look.

This incited another deep prolonged kiss with lots of tongue, while Rachel muttered "I still need to get used to this."

Rathe chuckled and kissed her while Mike shot off to his wife's room for some tongue of his own.

The End

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