Chapter Two


I sigh as the door slams behind my now ex-lover, thats the third one in two months. Damn it. It's not that I'm particularly upset that Craig's gone-hell, good ridance! Bloody bully- but I'm sure the press'll have a field day with this. I'll be the new celebrity whore. I swear, somedays it's just not worth it, all these gold-diggers and the media... Oi, I find it hard just to go outside my apartment anymore. Muchless find a decent boytoy, goodness.

So Forget guys for the moment-no! I'm definately not going hetero, uhm, ew- and to celebrate my newfound bachelorhood, I think a new place is in order. My new bachelor-pad. Okay, so it wasn't originally intended to be that... I want a stable place, a place to call home. I had thought that when I met Craig, 'the lawyer' that he would be someone serious to settle down with. Turns out otherwise, mad huge bully, I swear! Can you believe he tried to tell me I couldn't wear pink? Pul-lease!

Anyways, the place, I'm so totally still getting. A friend of mine, Justine, cute little drag queen that he is, recommended some guy named Adam Morgan. A new guy in his field, he's just what I'm looking for-or so Karen said, and being my darling best friend, of course I'll take his word for it. Thus I had my secretary call him a few days ago. As a matter of fact I have a meeting with him-

The doorbell rings.

Fuck. Getting up and smoothing out my binched up shirt I open the door with a smile, a smile that gets a little wider once I see the guy standing there. Long black hair, green eyes-quite the opposite of my own blond hair and blue eyes, don't you think? His face is rather plain, but cute. My eyes skim down over the rest of him, from the looks of it, he's got quite the body beneath those clothes. Big, broad shoulders, bronzed skin...My eyes trail a little lower, I wonder... He's very stylish, however, I'll give him that. Perhaps it's not too early for a fourth-

"Mr.Kaito, sir," I hear my secretary, hell, I didn't even notice he was there. "This is Mr Adam Morgan, the architect you requested."

"Oh," i say with a blush, well this is embarassing "Please, come in," I mumble, holding the door open for Arthur, my secretary and Mr. Morgan. I've had maid's before, there more of an annoyance than there worth, besides, I'm not 'that' messy, and I know how to open my own door. I gesture my hand towards the living room and plop down across from them. Cocking my head a bit as i notice the raising of my guests brow, more so than that, the look on his face is not exactly one of pleasure.

I pout, and to think I was actually tallying with the idea of making him my fourth in two months. I'm still thinking faintly about such when he pulls out some spread sheets and shows me the blueprints of one of the most awesome houses I've like ever seen. Okay, so Karenz, (yes KarenZ) was right. Though I must say at this particular moment I find myself much more interested in him than the bloody blueprints.

And as soon as Arthur leaves I'll be sure to tell him that.

Okay, so I'm not what you call shy, but I'm not a whore-seriously! I just don't like to be alone. Kinda scares me I guess, and the way this guy is acting presently, looks like I'm gonna have to work on him a bit. Yum! I love a challenge.

It's not long before Arthur excuses himself and move over and plop down beside my guest. Biting my bottom lip coyly, I say sweetly, "You're cute." He looks over at me raises that brow again. Running my tongue over my bottom lip, I look at him through hooded eyes, wondering what he'll say next.

Too fast? Maybe. Am I caring? Not at all, lifes to short to dally around with a million words.