The island has the whitest of sand, soft and untouched by human footprints. The ocean blue and clear as the sky that reflects in it. It is truly a beautiful, seductive attraction. The sand ends where the forest begins, sweet aroma fills the air from the tropical flowers that bloom. Island is a paradise and means to an escape from the chores of life.

I'm Kasey, I work in a boring, mundane job. My personal life is ok, nothing too exciting just another existing life form. I am reserved, practical and coy, never really one for taking risks, until now. I always dream of escaping this life and go to the island that is a myth in my mind. I know where it is in my dreams and I know how to get there, but I don't want to go alone.

My friend's name is Sara. We haven't really known each other all that long but we have a connection. Sara is young, excitable, sometimes mistaken for carelessness, but she has a big heart. She only trusts few people, a trait I can relate to. Sara has told me about her life, hard work, long hours constant bickering with her girlfriend and has had enough.

I told Sara of this place, an island of escape, no one else just us. No dead lines, no pressures, no partners – just ourselves. I suggested we pack up and go, leave behind our routine life, to my surprise Sara said ok. The next day I hired a boat and sailed off on our adventure just the two of us.


Sara sat beside me, the breeze blowing through her hair. She wore only a tank top and shorts, and a pair of sunglasses that hid her eyes. Sara turns to me,

"So what are we going to do on this island?"

I replied with a wink "Anything we want Sara." This instantly bought a grin to Sara's face and she turns around to look on to our destination.

The boat beaches on the island and both of us jump out. The sand is soft and cool on my feet. Sara strolls up the beach and calls me to follow, which I obey. As I catch up I sense Sara's mood had changed

"Are you missing home already." I ask

"No just hit me that there really is no one here but you and me"

I give her a hug "Are you ok with that, we can go back if you want" I said half-heartedly.

"No!" Sara turns around "I don't want to go back – not yet anyway."

I give Sara another hug and said, "What we say or do on this island, remains on the island, ok!" I raise Sara's head for an answer

"Yeh I can go along with that". Sara pushes me away and orders me to get things out of the boat while she finds a site for us to camp. Did I mention before she can be persuade-fully bossy. I rolled eyes, and did as I was told.

That night we decide to sleep under the stars, the sky was bright with them. Sara broke the mood.

"Do you think anyone is watching us, from out there."

"Maybe, probably, God – why" I asked.

"Well with all those billions of stars someone or thing must be watching us"

"uh ha" came my sleepily reply.

All of a sudden Sara jumps up giving me a fright, "Look Kasey, over there" Sara points "a falling star"

We watch it dive further south "Well make a wish Sara." Sara closes her eyes for a brief moment then sits down. "So come on, what did you wish for."? I asked

"Can't tell you Kasey or it won't come true, will it?"

"Guess not, but knowing you its probably rude" with that comment Sara punches me in the arm "Oi that hurt wench" and we both laugh

Next morning started out a warm one. I sit down at the waters edge digging my toes into the sand. Sara is sitting further up the beach. I lay back and looked up at the sky and thought things couldn't get any better or could they and grinned to myself. As I'm lost in my thoughts something hits me, a bottle of sunscreen.

"Hey I'm burning" whinges Sara "rub some of this into me."

I stand over Sara "where?",

"On my legs and back".

"Ok, but you will need to remove your shorts" I suggested and Sara was out of them. I poured on too much sunscreen so thought might as well relax the girl with a massage. I begin to rub the lotion in pushing my thumbs into the backs of her legs hard, then softly down again. Sara lets out an encouraging groan. I moved a little higher with my hands to the tops of her legs and start rubbing the inside of her thighs. Sara repositions herself slightly opening her legs wider. I slowly run my hands up onto Sara's firm buttocks massaging them, and return my hands down the inside of her legs again. As I rise up on the inside of her legs again, I gently brush her highest point. I stop suddenly and Sara asks

"Is that all I'm getting.

"Um no – well I haven't done your back."

Sara sits up removes her top and lies back down. I pour more lotion on her back and straddle myself over her. I worked her back all over, my fingers drifting to the side, gently brushing the side of her breasts, then up onto the shoulders. I start to push hard on her, this time reaching underneath and rubbed her breasts. I bent down and whispered in Sara's ear,

"Is there anything else you want me to do?" I asked

She rolls over onto her back "Yes I need sunscreen on my front, think you can manage that?." She smiles seductively at me.

I rolled my eyes as if to say it's a chore, but I knew I was making her feel good. Again I straddle my island companion and begin to rub my hands over her stomach, moving up over her firm breasts to the top of her chest, stretching myself out fully. Sara closes her eyes and I begin the motion again, this time I just caress her breast with the palm of my hands, delicately pinching her nipples until they stood tall. I began to lower my head but stopped. Do I want to do this, I shook my head and stood up from my friend.

"I need a swim to cool off" and my thoughts as well.

I dived into the water and stand up to shake off excess water. What the hell was I thinking, feeling. I was not acting like the conservative/responsible friend of Sara. My thoughts lost from a splash behind me. I turned around to see Sara paddling over to me. She stood up and looked at me with concern. I was unable to look at her, standing before me naked. I blushed in her presence.

"What's the matter Kasey?" She noticed my discomfort.

"I just needed to cool off."

Sara asked again "sure you're ok."

Aware at how close Kasey was getting I pick her up into my arms and threw her back into the water. Sara not expecting comes to the surface spluttering. I laughed it was a sight, she looked like a drown rat

"Oh you're going to pay for that Kasey" sneers Sara,

Still laughing I said "yeh, yeh" Sara launches at me and pulls me under. We both come to the surface laughing. "Told you I would"

I could how see Sara was getting cold, her goose bumps where showing along with her erect nipples. "C'mon Sara its getting cold and the sun is going down – wanna watch it with me."

"Yeh suppose" came her disappointed reply. I gave her a hug, and we left the water.