No blood on my altar, my path stems from love

A faith that won't falter for Goddess above

No wicked enchantments, no malevolent spells

No shadow of darkness within my heart dwells

No conical hat or wart on my nose

No malignant thought from my mind flows

There are flowers on the alter for a Goddess that cares

For every living creature, for all things are Hers

I chant out the spell, spin my words to new heights

Singing and praising in utter delight

Each plant a companion, each animal a brother

All living creatures that should love one another

Linked in a chain, each life-form from birth

So we're forming a circle all round the Earth

Bright the enchantment, within our minds cast

Blessing and guiding as we follow our path

So look past the legends, set your mind free

Open your eyes and look closer to see

A faith that is shining as bright as a star

Sending the light of love out far

See the love in our faces as in covens we meet

To honour the seasons that are turning so sweet

Hear the Goddess of nature and know as I do

There's no blood on Her altars, her love's lasting and true

Each life is a blessing and we must let it grow

Our reverence to nature to all we will show

So join in my blessing, whatever faith you may be

There's no blood on my altar, please don't fear me.