Sharing My Pain

Should I share the pain I feel inside
from what I see within the world
I can't tell you how many times I've wanted to hide
in a dark corner remain curled

But I can't, my heart won't let me
My soul pulls me towards the cries
I can't escape my destiny
I'm bound to it until my being dies

Why then must I feel shadowed fingers
enclosing me within the devils night
The pain of others, twisted as one, forever lingers
I can barely see the light

It's so sad, the state of our life
the torment we seem to drown in
how we hang ourselves with a noose of strife
drink the poison of our sin

I want to do something, anything!
Lead the troubled from the bloodied path
Allow battered souls a chance to sing
break the black chains of wrath

But I don't know what you need
a touch, a listening ear?
I want you to no longer bleed
What causes your gentle eyes to shed a tear?

Some say I am an angel from above
with my gentle soul and feather soft heart
I wish to give everyone a chance to know love

I am just a girl trying to play out her given part