Love Never Dying

I often wondered if anyone cared
When in loneliness my heart was snared
With spiked broken wire
flaming fire
killed the peaceful lark
My soul fell, fell into the dark

When light surrounded
devil's trumpet sounded
My eyes saw endless night
Like you, I gave up my fight
I wanted to bask in the pool
of the heartless and cruel
Who would ever care for me
Not you, not them, and certainly not He

A hand reached out
a voice cried out
turning my darkness to Shade
Come to me, he cried, and with tears I obeyed

Loneliness still torments me
My tears still fill Sorrow's Sea
But my soul is still with the one I love
Now I feel the arms of He above
and I know, deep down inside
in Him you can confide
Open up your heart and listen
to the music you have been missing

Hear me, hear him
the rhythm, the Hymn
He loves you
no matter
you do