Bright Land of Truth

Though I am young and innocent
I walk the path, I see where you went
the path of pain leading to the light
the wires, the fire I fight
knowing I will, I can
move on from this tormented land
to the light at the end
beyond the next bend
Down yonder
how my heart grows fonder

How, how can I explain
the beauty of the unearthly plain
of perfect flowers and undying trees
the scented wind that forever frees
bleeding souls and broken hearts
here nothing ever falls apart

I don't know what you see
but this is what Truth has given me
hope of a place void of sorrow
my reason to live on to tomorrow
I will live on through this world of pain
Knowing, in the end, Truth is what I gain
That place of unbroken hearts
the home of the divine arts

There, there is where you, me, anyone can go
if Truth is what you desire to know