Cobwebs of Sorrow

Caught within cobwebs of life
The pain within feels like a knife
I open my eyes and see
the burdens, the despair my friends do carry
I cringe, long to turn away
yet the images will always stay
burned within my tormented mind
With fingers of shadow my soul they will unwind

Again, once again I feel
The sting of what is real
The whisper in the darkest hour
Forever blooming flower
Taking your hand within my own
Showing you the distances you have flown

I'll carry the pain you feel
I want only for you to heal
Though it sets fire to my bleeding heart
I refuse to let it tear me apart
If there is nothing else your soul is sure of
find what you seek within my love.

Mydnight, do I truly have a gentle heart
it seems it's grown cold, falling apart
I don't understand what is right
I'm leaving you all within the night

My tears, how they fall from crystal eyes
My pain grows as my light dies
I can't hold on anymore
my fingers are growing sore
I'm slipping, I'm falling repeating the past
Wondering how long my pain will last

My love will protect me
In my blind struggle to see
Bitter pain and suppressed sorrow
Carried with me into the morrow
Pain is temporary, my love for you is not
It is keeping me safe, perhaps all I've got

Oh love what I would do
To take your burdens away from you
You and Mydnight both say my heart is kind
The light you speak of once more I need to find

Shade, you tell me it may not be
once more you need time away from me
In my insecurity, I ask you what I didn't do
Was I not pretty enough for you?
You tell me it's not my fault at all
Still I take the fall
Why me, why you the pain within
A punishment for sin?

I do not know,
I never know
Show me, tell me what I long for
What I wanted to know before
Push aside your pain, reach out a hand
How my heart and soul long to understand
God's word, your word, the sword in the dark
The meaning of the soft call of the distant lark.

I whisper, do you hear?

I feel you, are you near?

I'm calling
Catch me as I'm