A Thousand Hells


Hurry men!

Grab a gun and seize a cap.

No time for cowards;

Come boy, you move like sap.

(Learn to kill or be killed!)

March on, sing your battle cries

And drum the drum of steadiness.

Not a place out of step boys,

Follow the beat of readiness.

(March along, go along, march along, go along!)

Don't call me a traitor or slacker;

Just let me walk away

I do believe in this,

These people I won't slay.

(Hate-two three four...)

Mr. President, I beg I plead!

Speak out, speak your mind!

My voice is silent to ignorance;

All my words trail behind.

(Learn to kill...)

Blood caressing each man's brow

As my brother lies dead as well.

All for a bit of land they killed;

A bit of land for a thousand hells.

What is this I hear now?

Bless the heavens! Bless the skies!

A man has spoken out,

A man has thought my cries!

Take back the world I know

Of lies disguised in conformity.

Just move on, and douse yourselves in

Simplicity simplicity simplicity!