I'll find the time that feels most right

For both of us that wonderful night

The night we stare into each others eyes

And pray to god there are no good byes

We will wish the moment will last forever

And hold each other close, happy to be together

It's time for us to explore what we feel

And make this dream we desire real

I will do my best to save you from harm

And make you smile with corny charm

You smiling to me is all that matters

And you help me feel secure as my barrier shatters

I can't wait until I see you again

Time ticks by so slowly until then

I'll watch the clock

My missing you I will not block

I look forward to looking into your eyes once more

And so long as you're sure

I would love to hold you for hours on end

My time with you I will spend

Just to see you smile will make me happy beyond belief

I hope that your love I can keep