A/N: This piece still doesn't have a title since I can't find the right one . . . if you have any ideas or suggestions, feel free to email me at . Thanks again for reading this piece! --Damaged—

If I were to surrender

And give myself to you

Would you walk away

And break my heart in two?

Would you stay by my side

Until death do we part

Or leave me alone

With my broken heart?

As you hold me in your arms

And kiss my lips so tender

Are you waiting for my touch

For my surrender?

Do you caress out of love

Or out of passionate desire?

Do you hold the flame inside

To light my heart on fire?

If we were to fall on my bed

And our lips met so fierce

Would you take me to your world

Where together we should preservere?

If my pants started to fall

As we wrestled across the mattress

Would your touch remain the same?

Would you change your caress?

If we kissed again

And our arms entwined

Would you stay there forever?

Would my body still be mine?

If we crossed that bridge

And viewed that new world

How am I to know

I'd still be your girl?

How am I to know

You'd still love me

After you hold me close

And retake my virginity?

Would you taint me again

After everything he did?

Would you still kiss me hard

And ignore what I said?

Would you look at me the same

As the girl who stole your heart?

Or would your eyes see different?

A whore – would you depart?

If I were to surrender

And give myself to you

Would you wish for the past

For the act to undo?