And these

brazed heart...

Emotion clenching,
clenching existence.
Existence flawed,
flawed decisions.
Decisions dismayed,
dismayed reactions.
Reactions lingering,
lingering perverseness.
Perverseness cliché,
cliché repealed.
Repealed hindrance,
hindrance shadows.
Shadows love-lost,
love-lost passion.
Passion, salt-kiss,
salt-kiss, convulsed.
Convulsed tears,
tears stained.
Stained heart,
Heart broken.
Broken euphoria,
euphoria restored...)

Are the

A/N: Wow… my creative streak (not like I've ever had it)
has completely been thrown out of the window now!
-shrugs- I've played around with a few different poetry
writing techniques and this is all I could come up with for
now. This is really not a depressing poem because I am
in a happier state but these tiny events (if you had caught
on) shape the way my relationship is with Kerri now. Not
my usual style, I know. Enjoy though.