the promises like old newspapers

left behind and never read

the words you said they haunt

me still, just like your photographs

floating on the floor just to surface

again and break me

break me again

here I am , just a mirror to look into

so you can see all your flaws

and then

break me again

cause then you can hide from

your imperfections

you won't see me

and I'll

I'll look through you

you'll be less than a mirror and

more a piece of glass

too bad

I won't be seeing much of you

since you had to

break me again

and pull me down along with you

and I know you'll say I'm stupid

and I'm sensitive I'm flighty and I'm


I don't care what you say

I'm walking away

cause you had to

break me again

I hope you love the path you chose

and it leads you exactly where you

always thought you'd end up


next time you fall don't look over

your shoulder to see me standing in the distance

(I'll have my back to you)

there will be no next time


I won't believe your lies dripping

In fake sentiment

All because you felt the need to

break me again

I'm whispering that

I won't come to save you

because you never came to rescue


you never heard the sadness in my silence

(still haven't realized that I'm drowning

as I write this)

said once that there may not

be that third chance

it's broken along with me

ever since you chose to

break me again

jagged edges on the floor and

me waiting for the next lost soul

to piece me together again

no, it's not ok

and I won't pretend

just like you said, you won't

feel something that you don't

well this is what I am and what I am

is gone.