By:: Grace Maxwell

How could you?

How could I what?

Why did you do it?

Do what... Why won't you tell me?

What's wrong with you?

Is there something wrong with me?

When did you change?

I changed... Is this change bad?

So many questions

So many unanswered

And all I see

is the shattered mirror up ahead

showing a mask cracked

on the outside

I've lost myself

What can I do

When I can't answer

the questions rapidly asked

Why did you lie?

When did I lie?

Go away we don't want you here...

Please, tell me why this is happening here?

Where will you go?

Do I have to go somewhere?

I haven't changed

My mask has yet to fall

despite the damage done deep inside

I feel like I'm falling

So many questions unanswered

I guess you're just lying to me again today...