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Characters: Magma and Ac3 O SpAd3s

Stan II

In the human bible, there is said to be three worlds, the living world, heaven and the underworld. God is said to rule in heaven whilst Satan is to conquer hell. Earth however, has no celestial ruler, but instead is the swing world for either heaven or the Underworld to consume. In the Underworld, in the capital city, Hell, Satan resides and passes judgment on the damned souls of the living. His son, Damien is to succeed him for the throne after Satan has become old and weary and unable to perform his task. While this is all known to almost everyone on earth, most of them don't know about Satan's…cough…. Less favorite son, Stan II. Stan has been given the least sought after position in hell, the demon of false hope.

Part 1, Chapter 1: I hate my job, but I hate you more

Father Vanworth, a recently deceased priest, finds himself in a warm white room, elevator music playing softly, with a white desk in front of him. He has no idea how he got there but it appears he fell through the ceiling.

"Well well, who do we have here?"

Father Carter turns to see a boy in a white suit behind the desk; he couldn't be more than 13 years old, Father Carter was slightly aroused.

"Mr. Vanworth, it appears you've done a lot of naughty things, haven't you? But we're willing to forget that, welcome to heaven."


"No! You fucked up!"

The innocent looking young man now takes the shape of a demonic being. He adorns a crimson red jacket, tattered gray shorts, long goat horns atop his head, and his eyes glow a soul piercing yellow glow.

The boy pulls a white lever and a slot machine appears on the wall to his left.

"You've got one last chance to get into heaven you sick, sick son of a bitch, if you are lucky enough to get three lemons on this slot machine, your soul will be saved. But, if you get at least one lime, your ass is grass."

The boy pulls the lever again, and the slots begins to spin. Round they go, the first one comes to and abrupt stop, it's a lemon. The second one begins to slow and eventually halts on, another lemon. It is all down to the third slot; it begins to slow and lands on…A LEMON!

"Yes! I'm going to heaven, oh happy day!"

Whilst Father Carter reveled in his victory, the boy gave the machine a good punch, the final lemon then spun onto a lime.

"Oh, too bad my friend looks like your screwed, see ya in hell Mr. Man boy love"

The floor opened up and Father Carter was cast into a pit of fiery death flames. As the floor closed the boy then pulled the lever again, the slot machine disappeared, and he put a tally on the clipboard on the desk. As he sat there, in the room, he couldn't help but say,

"God I fucking hate this job."

Part 1, Chapter 2: Living in a shadow or, My brother sucks

Stan, after punching out after a hard day of condemning the souls of the damned, returned home to his palace at the heart of the city of Hell. Once he arrived, he was greeted by the fact that his older brother, Damien, has the job of causing mayhem on Earth. Oh how he resented his brother, and hated his father for giving Damien all the attention and positions with great benefits. HE DOESN'T EVEN GET DENTAL FOR CHRIST'S SAKE!!!

"Well hello, not Damien" said Satan, as Stan entered the room.

"My name is Stan ya' senile old bastard."

"What was that???"

"I said hi dad, how was your day" gulp

"Oh, it was ok, condemning souls here, influencing the masses to commit mass genocide there."

"Super, where's Damien?"

"He's on earth giving our mole in the White House new orders, god, who would suspect that George Bush works for me!?!?1?" cough, I would

"Yeah, never saw that coming, hey when do you think I can get up there to Earth and cause some mayhem?"

"When you're older."

"You said that 200 year ago, you gotta' get with the times old man!"

(You see, this story takes place during the final days of Satan; he's starting to drop the ball. Soon it will be time for Damien to take over the Underworld, followed by his son, while Stan is overlooked, just like every other part of his life.)

"You know what dad, I don't even wanna argue with you, I'm outta here." Exclaimed Stan as he burst out of the palace hall."

During Stan's "romp" through the torturing grounds, he begins to ponder on his current position.

"Dammit all, why the hell does Damien get to be ruler of the Underworld, I am just as demonic as him, if not more!" he said as he punched into a rock, shattering it into a million tiny pieces.

"All I do is stay down here and slightly torture people, while he gets to cause corruption and chaos up on Earth, shit, I've never even been to Earth."

Just then, a spark goes off in his brain, why not prove to your dad that you are fit to rule, way better than Damien ever would, but how? ... after much deliberation, I've got it, Earth, I'll take that over, NO! better yet, I'll destroy it, then everyone will recognize me as the true heir to the throne! …EchoOoOo…HA!

Before Stan felt ready to leave the Underworld, he decided he would need some help in order to conquer Earth, so why not take along one of the most powerful beings in the Underworld, Clairice, or as you mortals know her as, the Grim Reaper…woOoh scary…

I know what you think of when you hear, "The Grim Reaper" you think of a tall lanky skeleton, shrouded in a black cloak, wielding a scythe. Well, you're a stupid asshole, Clairice, the real Clairice is shy conservative teenage girl who wears a white snow cape and a plain black dress (be afraid…Be very Afraid!!!) Now her weapon of choice, resembles the traditional Grim Reaper scythe, it is more of a black metal staff. On one side there is a small skull, and on the other is a miniature scythe.

After enlisting the aid of one of his most trusted friends, Clairice and himself headed for the nearest out portal to Earth, as they were walking they came across the path of Shade, one of Damien's most powerful vassals. Shade was a dark being, with a tattered cape and large spiked bracelets on his hands; he also wielded a very powerful and deadly sword, the masamune, which had the power to rip the kindness right out of people's souls.

Shade stopped Stan to inquire as to where he was headed.

"Hey, Stan, wait up man!" yelled Shade as he ran to Stan, who was walking at a fast pace.

"What's up Shade, I'm kind of busy right now. I am going to go to Earth and destroy it so I can prove to my dad that I am fit to rule the Underworld after him. But, I guess since you're my brother's vassal you'll try to stop me.

Shade looked at him, then at the group of Damien's vassals, then at Clairice.

Oh, did I mention that Shade is one of the most perverted demons in the entire Underworld? No? Well, now you know

"Dude, being Damien's vassal is a regular sausage fest," he looked at Clairice with a deep intrigued glow, "I…think I'd rather go with you…you know, to help you, with no gain for myself whatsoever, because I'm that nice of a friend." He is still looking at Clairice.

"Great… well, let's go then."

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