Silences are rare in our world; they have been since the gates were first opened, releasing the flowing waters of life. A river is never silent, neither is life. One can always hear the ripples, the fight to reach an unknown destination. Sometimes it just takes knowing how to use one's ears to understand what is being said.

When the world began every person knew how to listen. As a result there was no war, no fighting, no pain. Of course there were disagreements: no matter how perfect a world no one can always agree, but all the beings of the world listened to one another, and that makes all the difference. They listened, and they resolved their problems peacefully, with all contributing to a world that flourished in unending beauty. This is how the world was for a long while. A while that cannot be measured as we now measure time. Time did not yet exist. There was nought but a balance that ensured that time did not need to exist.

This changed. There came to be a creature, a man, who is known now only by the name of Maerdhan–Man of Lies, Corrupter of Man, Deceitful One. Maerdhan was a man who brought about many firsts: his mother was the first creature to die during childbirth, before this the giving of life was untouched by the other side of life, afterwards it became a thing of fear, of worry, of pain. He was the first creature to know tears, he was the first not to receive love, and he was the first who did not give love.

We cannot lay all blame for our loss on this poor man, we cannot really lay blame on anyone, on anything. Call it a glitch if you will, we must all remember that creation, and its creator, is not perfect, it was only a matter of –that word–time before something failed to work as it was intended.

Maerdhan ended the innocence of life when he performed his cruel acts. He turned his back on creation, the creator turned its back on creation, life turned its back on the creator and creation. The world ended, and began again.

-Lomcral, 6th Cardane of Amnrol,
Year ninety-eight, Second Age-