As I go on through the day,

I see all the beauty of our Earth,

From its forest to its placement in the galaxy.

Its oceans are unending pools.

Its jungles are a love never to be forgotten.

The rains are the tears of God.

Snow is candy to the children.

Lightning is God's Presence.

While his voice is the thunder.

The heavens are above our clouds,

Mountains are the stairways to it.

The sun is Jesus looking down on us.

Winds are provided by the wings of Angels.

Sunsets are paintings of God.

A rainbow is a promise kept.

Even earthquakes and eruptions are beautiful.

It's God telling us something in his own way.

The stars are a frozen tear for every lost soul,

A fallen star is one gone forever.

God is in everything with Beauty.

And yet none of us are satisfied,

Why can't we live in a world,

The way God made it?

By Heather Nicole Jones