Why don't you look at me?

Why don't you pay attention? You're so lost in your world,

lost in your game, your computer.

Would you notice if I left?

If I vanished into the cold, wet night, would you know?

And if you did notice, what would you feel?

Would you be angry at me for it, or would you wonder why?

Have you noticed how little I eat or how badly I take care of myself?

Have you noticed my failings

Or my continual withdrawels from people?

Do you care?

Do you notice?

Notice my worries, my fears?

Do you remember what I told you that I need and want?

Or did you forget, again?

What do you see when you look at me?

Do you only see failures and mistakes?

An obstacle in your way, keeping you bound to this life?

Do you even see my lonliness, my aching for care, love, and attention?

Do you know the scars and wounds in my heart?

Would you try to help heal them if you knew about them?

Why don't you notice me? Why don't you seem to care?

Dad, look at me!

Look at me, notice me, not that computer, not someone else.

Look at me and see me, don't see what I'm not.

Dad, look at me...